Prepaid Courier Service in Malaysia

Fast, secure and hassle-free parcel delivery

The mile that impacts customer experience most

The final mile of a parcel’s journey is between a fulfillment center and the recipient’s doorstep. Many shippers would say this is the most important part of the journey, as it can make or break their brand’s impression.

To a shopper, the supply chain process before the last mile is invisible. The only mile that leaves an impression happens when their parcel gets delivered. This is why we have strict training programs and many quality control processes to ensure that our Ninjas provide quality service and customer satisfaction.

Making a difference

As one of Malaysia’s fastest courier companies, we know how crucial last mile delivery is and where quality service is required. According to an internal survey conducted by our teams, we have identified three key factors that determine the satisfaction of both our shippers and recipients.

Core Competencies

Simple is good – our core competencies are the same three key factors that determine shipper and consignee satisfaction.

Fast-speed Delivery

Good Parcel Handling

Prompt Pickups

Value-added Services

On top of our core commitments, we offer value-added services to provide additional convenience and ease-of-use for both shippers and recipients. We have almost 100% coverage across six countries of self-owned fleet and courier teams.

Three Delivery Attempts

In the event of an unsuccessful delivery, Ninja Van will perform up to two delivery re-attempts for free before returning the parcel to the sender.

Real-time Tracking & Notification

Recipients can receive real-time status notifications and speak to a customer service officer via NinjaChat.

Convenient Pickup & Drop-off

For shippers who are always on the go, you can choose to drop your parcels off at over 4,000 Ninja Points.

Parcel Liability Coverage

In the event that a parcel is damaged or lost in our care, we provide limited liability coverage of up to the value of the delivery item or RM200 per delivery item, whichever is lower.

Seamless Return Process

To facilitate returns and refunds, Ninja Van provides a fuss-free solution for recipients. Customers can drop off their return parcels at their nearest Ninja Point.

Ship with us

Ninja Van is committed to providing shippers with hassle-free service. Skip long discussions and negotiations when you choose to ship with us. Sign up for a Ninja Lite account on the dedicated shipper dashboard, top up credits, and start your shipping journey!

Create a Lite account

Simply fill up the form and sign up for a Ninja Dash Account

Top up

Enjoy bonus credits of up to RM30 when you top up your account!

Create an order

Please refer to the Dash Tutorial for detailed instructions.

Start shipping

Print the air waybill and arrange for pickup or drop-off at any Ninja Point.