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Choose the right shipper account that best suits your needs.

Best for sending 500 or more parcels every month

For online sellers or e-commerce store owners
  • Dedicated account manager
  • API & webhook integration
  • Exclusive rewards and rebates
  • Rate for as low as Php 60 (own packaging)
  • Earn points & redeem laptops, gadgets & more!
  • More perks, benefits & special offers!

Buy pouch or box in advance & consume when needed

Prepaid delivery services for all types of shippers
Ninja Packs
  • Choose between a prepaid box or pouch
  • Door-to-door parcel pick up and delivery
  • Flat rate and unli-weight shipping & more!
  • Ship to any province for Php 150
  • No waybill printing needed
  • Free Insurance up to Php 2,000