Lucky Draw Campaign

Send Parcel with Ninja Van to win the prize, Samsung S22, and the biggest prize Vespa, 1.4 Million baht total of value

Send or recieve pracel with Ninja Van

When you send or recieve parcel with Ninja Van, you will get Ninja Van Tracking ID for tracking your parcel status

Fill you tracking ID in Ninja Van's form

Tracking ID that can participate in the campaign must be created in each reward round 

กรอกเลข Tracking ID 

Hold up! The prize is wating you

Easy as that, you can win the prize from Ninja Van, the winner of Samsung S22 prize also can win the biggest prize "Vespa" too

Fill your Tracking ID 

Win the prize, 1.4 million baht total of value

30 Samsung S22

Fill your tracking ID to win the prize, Samsung S22, 30 quantities in total

Vespa Motorcycle

Fill your Tracking ID to win the prize , 3 Vespa Primavera 150 Motorcycle 

More you send, More you can win

All 6 Reward Rounds

Round 1: 15 - 28 March 2022, prizes announcement is on 29  March 2022

Round  2: 29 March - 11 April 2022, prizes announcement is on 12 March 2022

Round  3: 12 - 25 April 2022, prizes announcement is on 26 April 2022

Round  4: 26 April - 9 May 2022, prizes announcement is on 10 May 2022

Round  5: 10 - 23 May 2022, prizes announcement is on 24 May 2022 

Round  6:  24 May - 6  June 2022, prizes announcement is on 7 June 2022

The biggest prize announcement is on 15 June 2022 

Terms and Condition

*Shipper will automatically receive the privilege when the recipient enters the number.
*Terms and conditions as designated by the company.
*The company reserves the right to consider canceling the right. If found to be corrupt or implied fraud to participate in the campaign.
*Winners must confirm their eligibility after the announcement of results within 15 days.
*If the winner does not contact to confirm the eligibility within 15 days from the date of the award announcement will be deemed to have waived the right
*The winner of the motorcycle is responsible for the license plate fee, transfer fee, and other fees. related