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Manage your business seamlessly on the Ninja Biz app.


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Pay After Delivery, now available on Ninja Biz!

No cash or credit cards required, simply send your parcel and pay after.

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Send parcels seamlessly with Ninja  Biz.

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Simply drop and go, no payment required.

Weekly payment

An SMS will prompt you to make payment for delivery fees every Monday.


Here are the frequently asked questions about Ninja Biz!

Ninja Biz is for who?

Ninja Biz has no limits on parcel delivery per day. Making it suitable for all levels of courier Whether you send a single parcel or send a hundred parcels per day You can send parcels via Ninja Biz

How convenient is sending parcels via Ninja Biz?

Sending parcels via Ninja Biz saves you from queuing for delivery. You can create orders through the application. Then, drop off your package at any Ninja Point branch without queuing up. and do not have to pay immediately The shipping bill will be sent to you for payment the following Monday.

How can I use the Pay after Delivery feature?

You can automatically use Pay after Delivery when you send parcels through the Ninja Biz app, the service fee bill will send to you via SMS.

What can I do in the Ninja Biz?

In the Ninja Biz, you can create a delivery order. Find a Ninja Van delivery location, Track parcel status, and track the cash on delivery status including many other features.