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SOP of parcel dropped off at NJV station and receiving returned parcel

Operation handling:
  a/ Drop-off at Ninja Van station:
- Partners agree on drop-off time at Ninja Van station, or vice versa
-  Shipper Support Management of Partner send for Shipper Support Management of Ninja Van/ Person in charge of Ninja Van hang over tracking ID file via zalo, 30 minutes before drop-off at the station.
- Partner prints 02 declarations of bill of tracking ID (hard copy)
- Person in charge of Ninja Van appoints a representative staff to count, sign and hand over the Tracking ID manifest (hard copy)
  b/ Returning parcels for Partners
-  Partners appoint a representative to count, check the status of parcel, sign and receive the Land Haul records (hard copy)
-  Partners keep 01 copy

** Drop off : Seller comes to receive or send parcels from Ninja Van
** SOP: Standard Operating Process

Changing order delivery information

There are three methods for the Partner to change the order address:
1. Ninja Van's customer service department (via Zalo)
2. Sales department
3. Online platform: FSR order debugging support tool (refer to
4. Ninja Van Retail Hotline: Please contact during office hours, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Partners refer to the process of changing the address is done via Zalo channel of customer care department as follows:
- Contact Ninja Van via Zalo, providing detailed information about the address to be changed (full address of administrative units, not abbreviated).
- Customer care responds to the request message when completing the operation on the system.
- Response time from 5-10 minutes (only applicable for working hours from Monday to Saturday)
+ Orders still have time to deliver
+ The new delivery address must be the same Province/City (for Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang) or the same District/District (for other Provinces/Cities)

SOP of COD change order processing

- Contact Ninja Van via Zalo, Providing details of the desired change.
- Customer service will respond to a message requesting to change COD when completing the operation on the system
- Response time from 5-10 minutes (only applicable for working hours from Monday to Saturday)
Note: in all cases, the partner needs to notify the customer service to change the COD for the order, please do not change the COD on the partner's system.

SOP for Partial delivery

SOP for Partial delivery has not been included in Standard Operating Process, Ninja Van only supports partial delivery with occasional orders and orders in the delivery status
- Step 1: Partners contact Ninja Van via group zalo, the message includes the tracking ID + the amount of COD to be exchanged + the goods to be recalled.
- Step 2: Shipper Support Management of Ninja Van receive information, change the amount collected for new COD + create a new tracking ID (the new tracking ID will have the format: old tracking ID add the letter "R" at the end).
- Step 3: Shipper Support Management of Ninja Van send for Partners recall ID successfully created and report for the warehouse manager/shipper to handle the collection.
Note: Partners please save the recall ID to control and check the order journey. The recall orders are priced as new orders.

* SOP: Standard Operating Process

SOP of handling returned orders

Swap order is understood as: Partner delivers customer order A, customer reports it was the wrong item so that Partner have to send the correct item back to customer according to order B and take back order A from the customer.
Currently, Shipper Support Management  will support case by case:
Step 1: Partner sends Tracking ID B to Shipper Support Management of Ninja Van
Step 2: Ninja Van creates a new order C according to the information opposite to order B (customer pick-up address, delivery address is Partner's address) and returns the code to Partner
Step 3: The partner sends the tracking ID of order C to the customer to write on the package (order A) to be returned (the original package, Ninja Van's rider does not agree to check)
Step 4: Ninja Van's delivery staff delivers application B, then takes form C and sends it to the Partner
* 2 order B and C charge as usual                   

Order tracking

Option 1: Use the search in the Dashboard page: Paste the application code or the recipient's phone number without the leading zero (not applicable if the application is being returned)
Method 2: Using the web:
- Step 1: Access Ninja Van's bill of lading lookup website at
- Step 2: Click on the 3 dashes on the left side of the screen > Select Single Tracking.
- Step 3: Enter the order number in the Order tracking box. You can look up up to 10 Ninja Van bills of lading at the same time, separated by commas.

Last order status for reconciliation (completed orders and returned orders)

1. Completed orders:
- Status on dashboard: DELIVERY SUCCESSFUL
- Reconciliation time: The next day according to the reconciliation schedule (for example, a successful order is reported on N day => Monday 2-4-6 next day N will have a verification email)
- Content of reconciliation: View sheet "Reconciliation"
2. Returned orders:
- Status on dashboard: BACK TO SENDER
- The time and content of the reconciliation file is similar to the successful delivery

Refused orders, partial orders changed COD, does Ninja Van riders have contact with the Partner?

Delivery staff who failed to deliver the order will not contact

If there are complaints, where should the Partner send the request?

Send Email complaint (specify Tracking ID, content and relevant evidence) to, cc:
Response time: 48 hours

How will lost goods be handled?

Lost orders will be aggregated and emailed to the Partner next Monday and Tuesday

If there is an error, how will the system handle it?

Option 1: Follow Ninja Van's documentation if available
Option 2: Contact Shipper Support Management directly in Zalo group, attached pictures and screen recording videos for the earliest support

Order storage time when delaying delivery, the number of re-delivery times depends on the case

1. Orders are in CO or already in CO: do not support warehousing. (See CO Sheet)
2. Orders that have not entered CO:
- The application has never been delivered (just arrived at the post office): up to 3 days in storage
- Orders delivered once: store for up to 2 days.
- Orders have been delivered twice: storage for up to 1 day.
- Orders have been delivered 3 times: no storage support.
3. The application is in transit (not yet delivered to the post office): does not support storage.
  Note: partners please report to the zalo group for orders that need to be stored, Customer Care will receive and respond."

For returned and partial orders, is there a note of the old code on the new order?

The revocation code will have the format: Original code +"R". Based on the revocation code to find the original code.
The Stamp does not show the original code, check on Ninja van's Dashboard system, the delivery note will be there

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