Be a Nationwide Ninja Retail Partner

New ways to enhance your incomes and optimize revenues with attractive and trustable Retail model in 63 provinces/cities

Find out how Retail business model work and policies

Support to clarify any concerns about policies, operations, customer service as well as privileged service package

Set-up Ninja Points and get well trained about operations

Partner will be able to participate in training sections about Ninja Van operations from our professional team with having diverse materials in hand.

Be ready to deliver your parcels

Partner will be provided personal account and tools to be on standby for delivering your initial parcels with Ninja Van!

Deliver your packs with Ninja Van!

The more parcels you deliver, the more profit you get!

Profit Forecast Chart

Profit Forecast chart for Ninja Retail Partner (based on parcels delivered per day):

Profit Forecast Chart here will help Retail Partners to have an overview about our business model, so that Partners are able to make a clever decision and concern when investing in Ninja Van logistics.