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Experts in the field providing seamless international shipping, we strive to improve and innovate to better serve you, and your customers.

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Over 1,700,000 parcels delivered daily all across SEA

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95% SLA adherence across all lanes

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Competitive rates throughout East Asia and SEA

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Our integrated Ninja dashboard allows you to create orders, print shipping labels, track your shipments, and more - all in one place.

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International Cross-Border Shipping With Ninja Van

We go the extra mile to ensure smooth international deliveries for every shipper. With a trusted logistic partner like Ninja Van, you don’t have to worry about your international shipment departing from Vietnam. Let us settle your logistics while you bring your business to greater heights.

1. Customised Crossborder Solutions

We offer China outbound and Intra-SEA crossborder services and are flexible in catering to the unique needs of your business. We know that cross-border logistics might be confusing and new to you, which is why we are here to help! We’d love to learn more about your business requirements and be of assistance.

2. Dedicated Account Management

Cross-border services can be complicated and hence we believe in supporting you every step of the way. At Ninja Van, we have dedicated local account managers in Vietnam who can provide you with solutions and keep your worries at bay. We aim to provide you with a seamless shipping experience from start to finish.

3. Tech-Enabled Crossborder Services

We are able to integrate with your system and send timely status updates of your parcels from Vietnam through API. You won’t have to worry about your parcels as the process is automated and in real-time.

4. Value-Added Service

Services such as returns are becoming increasingly important for retailers, and we’re able to support customer returns in many of our coverage countries. Speak to us today to find out more and discover the best solution for your business! Other value-added services such as quality control and consolidation are available.

5. Experience In Local Landscape

With our strong regional presence and good track record in major countries in Southeast Asia, shippers get peace of mind when shipping overseas into Vietnam. It’s made possible with our experienced local operations teams.

6. Cash-On-Delivery

Customers in many Southeast Asian countries are still dependent on cash for payment. Our wide coverage of cash-on-delivery service meets the needs of many shippers and customers alike. We also offer flexible remittance cycles based on your business needs. Speak to us to find out how we can help you unlock the option for cash payment when shipping overseas into Vietnam.

Collaborate With Ninja Van

We service a range of different customer profiles with customised solutions to cater to your business needs

Marketplace and Brands

Expanding your business overseas but unsure of the logistic landscape? Let us take care of the international shipping process so  you can focus on other important aspects of your business.


Shipping a host of brands and require shipping across SEA? To ensure a seamless international shipping experience for you and your brands, we’re happy to advise you on the various customs regulations. 

International Brands

Require a range of customised solutions to tailor to your expanding business needs? 

Speak with us to learn about the range of services we offer.

Services We Provide

Check out our extensive suite of services for B2C and B2B shipping into Vietnam.

E-commerce Logistics
  • B2C customs declarations
  • Cross-border line haul via air/ land, customs clearance, last mile delivery, cash-on-delivery
Freight Forwarding
  • Pallet/bag/box-level handling. We process shipments at bulk-level.
  • B2B customs declarations
  • Sea freight, air freight, trucking available
Customs Clearance
  • Customs clearance in DDU and DDP (incoterm)
  • Integrated technology to reduce paperwork required
  • Special handling for fragile products

Our Customised Product Offerings

Our Customised Product Offerings

1. End to End solution
Let us take the hassle out of e-commerce delivery for you. Simply create an order and we will handle the rest.

2. Customs clearance and Last Mile Solution
Leave it to our experts to handle customs clearance and deliveries. We offer a wide coverage for last mile deliveries within all SEA countries.

3. Middle mile and Customs clearance
We provide different freight options and customs clearance solutions to serve the needs of your business. Whether it’s from East Asia or the Intra Asean region, we’ve got it covered.

4. Customs clearance
Encounter difficulties while clearing customs in SEA? Let us handle it! With our strong regional presence, we are equipped to handle sensitive parcels in all SEA countries.

5. Last Mile
Our dedicated Ninjas are here to deliver your parcel safely. Leave it to our experts to deliver them in the quickest time possible. 

Freight Options

Choose the freight option that works best for your business.

Air Freight

We recommend the air freight option for urgent delivery as it has the shortest lead time.

Enjoy attractive air freight rates while ensuring that your shipment arrives on time.

Land Freight

Ship bulky parcels to neighbouring countries and reduce your international shipping costs.

Trucking is a great option for bulk shipping and allows you to ship special commodities that are prohibited on planes.