Process of Delivery and Reception

1. Standard of packaging

  • Packed with outer crate and box by hardcover (except for products that are not broken and deformed like clothes, fabrics, etc.).
  • The product is sealed, reinforced with foam, newspaper inside the packing box so as not to break during transport.
  • For goods containing liquid or food should be wrapped with waterproof packaging.
  • If the product is fragile, Customers are encouraged to label "fragile product" outside the packaging.


In case the goods are not properly packed, the delivery staff will guide the Customer to repackage. In case the Customer does not agree to repack or continue to pack non-standard Ninja Van, the employee has the right to refuse to receive the goods.

In case the goods were received by Ninja Van but then did not meet the packaging standards (because the transport process causes wet, dented, torn ...), the current warehouse of that order will reinforce the order after the event agree to confirm by Customer.

2. Process of creating delivery orders

  • Step 1: Customers create accounts on the website according to the link
  • Step 2: Access website to register the delivery (receive) package
  • Step 3: Customers create delivery requests on the system
  • Step 4: Upon receiving requests on the system, Ninja Van will send the driver to pick up the goods at requested place.
  • Step 5: Ninja Van will check the package and deliver it to the address indicated on the package.
  • Customers can track the delivery itinerary on the management page.

Ninja Van

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