Ninja Van’s public advisory on parcel delivery scams

The downside of the e-commerce boom

Since the rise of e-commerce shopping, we have also seen an increase in parcel delivery scams. Of these, the most prominent are phishing and Cash on Delivery (COD) scams.

Scammers are getting more sophisticated. They can pose as legitimate online sellers on fake websites or even place fake ads on social media.

Parcel delivery scams lure customers to pay for parcels that:

  • They did not buy
  • Do not match their expectations

Fake Ninja Van Mall Website

Dear online shoppers, we have been alerted to a fake e-commerce site claiming to be associated with Ninja Van ( selling various consumer goods and products.

Update: A second URL ( has been discovered. We have issued take down requests for both. 

Please note that this website is not affiliated with Ninja Van. We only provide supply chain and logistics services and do not sell any products or consumer goods to customers directly.

COD Scams

COD scams are a type of scam that has been gaining prominence in Vietnam and other neighbouring countries.

The majority of these scammers are based overseas. They send COD parcels via freight forwarders who assign the last mile deliveries to 3rd party logistics providers (3PLs) like Ninja Van. Hence, most 3PLs have no direct contact with these scammers.

Behind-the-scenes of COD scams

There are typically three parties handling the COD parcel before you receive and pay for it, only to realise that it is not what you have ordered or that it has a much lower value.

Foreign sellers posing as legitimate e-commerce stores on popular platforms like Lazada or Shopee use freight forwarders to arrange COD deliveries.

Freight Forwarders

These are middlemen connecting foreign sellers and 3PLs. They receive the parcels directly from the sellers and pass them on to the 3PLs.


3PLs like Ninja Van are responsible for delivering the parcels to your doorstep. We also collect cash on behalf of the freight forwarders and remit it to them.

Ninja Van’s role in COD Scams

Upon scam alerts, Ninja Van usually facilitates a refund out of goodwill. To reduce the occurrence of such scams, we try to maintain close relationships with our freight forwarders. So we can screen shippers before we onboard them and blacklist identified scammers.

Is it possible to weed out the bad actors completely?

Unfortunately, no. The fight against COD scams is an ongoing battle since most cases originate from foreign jurisdictions. 

Blacklisting scammers is not a 100% foolproof solution. These foreign syndicates usually own multiple online stores or use more than one shipping consolidator.

What you can do 

Ninja Van Vietnam takes COD scams seriously and has been working closely with the relevant stakeholders and authorities to tackle them.

We strongly encourage members of the public to be extra vigilant.

DO NOT pay for any parcels that they have not bought online.

Should customers come across any suspicious parcels or payment requests, please reject the delivery, and report to Ninja Van Malaysia directly via:


Tel:  +84 1900 886 877 (Mon-Sat, 8am to 8pm, excluding public holidays.)

Live Chat: via NinjaChat (Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 7pm and Sundays, 9am-6pm, excluding public holidays.)

Alternatively, visit the contact us page if you have any inquiries.

Other precautions you can take

Inform household members: If you are expecting a COD parcel, let household members know what the item is and when to expect them.

Don’t be afraid to say no: Always check the item description if you are unsure and reject payment of any suspicious parcels.

Do your due diligence: Check reviews and only buy from reputable sites.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is: If a high-value item is being sold for a much lower price, think twice about its authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Ninja Van still accepting COD?

It remains an option for recipients who prefer to pay when their parcel is delivered to them.

Can recipients open COD parcels before making payment?

No, it is prohibited. Parcels can only be opened after payment is made. Recipients can refuse COD parcels if they did not make a purchase/the parcel seems suspicious.

Why can't Ninja Van sieve out scam parcels?

We do not open any parcels and deliver only to the address specified by our shipping partner.

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