Ninja Biz

Sending packages is easier and more efficient with the Ninja Biz app

Created to make deliveries easier

Check COD payments

Create and manage your orders

Track your packages

Getting started

With the Ninja Biz instant shipping application, you can send your goods right away and pay after they arrive. Schedule a pickup time for your package and pay when the invoice is issued! It's also supported by the Cash on Delivery (COD) feature!
Download the app

Download the Ninja Biz application on App Store and Google Play.

Create order

Create your order and our courier will pick up your package.

Pay after delivery

Receive payment invoices via WhatsApp every week for delivered packages.

Ship with us anywhere, anytime

Introducing the application for sending cod items Ninja Biz: tailor-made app to allow shippers to access their shipper dashboard via their mobile while on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Visit the Ninja Helpdesk page for a full list of FAQs on Ninja Biz. For other enquiries, requests or feedback, please visit the Contact Us page.

How do I start shipping with Ninja Biz?

Here's how you can start:

1. Create an account on the Dash mobile app (How do I create an account?)

2. Create your first order with us via the app (How do I create an order?)

3. Wait for your parcels to be picked up/drop off your parcels at one of our drop-off points!

The shipping fee for the delivery of the parcel will be deducted from the Cash on Delivery (COD) collected from your customers.

How do I create an account?

To create your account,

  1. Download the app from GooglePlay/App Store
  2. Enter your email/phone number and choose your country
  3. Verify your email/phone number by OTP
  4. Set your password
  5. Enter business details
  6. Enter bank account details (COD only)
  7. Enter ID number and front-copy of your ID card

And you’re all set!

Why am I prompted to use another email address to create an account?

Your email address is already registered with a Ninja Xpress account.

Please use another email address for mobile app account creation.