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To track international parcels, visit the international tracking page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I track my parcel?

To track your parcel, you will need the unique tracking ID. This alphanumeric code is crucial for accurately locating your parcel’s current status and whereabouts.

Typically, the shipper will provide you with a Tracking ID or receipt number once they've placed an order with Ninja Xpress. Alternatively, you can easily find your tracking ID in the notifications sent by Ninja Xpress via email and/or NinjaChat. 

To track your parcel, please follow these steps:

  1. Access this link
  2. Enter the tracking ID or receipt number
  3. Information on the parcel’s last location and estimated delivery time will be reflected 

What does my parcel status mean?

Ninja Xpress uses various shipping statuses for efficient parcel tracking. After entering your tracking ID on our website, you will see one of the following statuses.

StatusStatus Meaning
Pending Pick UpShipper has committed to handing over your parcel to Ninja Xpress. Contact your shipper should you have further enquiries. 
Van en-route to Pick UpNinja Xpress is on its way to pick up your parcel
Order created We have received the shipper’s order and will arrange a pick-up for your parcel 
Pending Pick Up at Distribution PointYour parcel was dropped off at a collection point and will be picked up soon.
Dropped off at Parcel drop off Counter / Box - PartnersThe parcel is with a Ninja Partner or at a Ninja Point 
Arrived at Sorting HubThe package has been handed over to the Ninja Xpress warehouse and is being processed for delivery
Successfully picked up from sender The parcel has been successfully picked up from the shipper or from a Ninja Point 
Parcel is being processed at the Ninja Xpress warehouseThe parcel is in the Ninja Xpress warehouse
Departing from Ninja Xpress warehouse - In transitThe parcel is being shipped from one Ninja Xpress warehouse to another Ninja Xpress warehouse
Crossborder in transitThe previous delivery attempt was unsuccessful. Reschedule a delivery that is convenient for you
On Vehicle for Delivery The parcel will be delivered to your address by our courier
Parcel is being deliveredYour parcel will be delivered today.
Delivery failureThe parcel has not been delivered successfully. Please refer below for the delivery failure reason
Pending RescheduleThe previous delivery attempt was unsuccessful. Reschedule a delivery that is convenient for you.
Parcel delivery has been rescheduleThe parcel has been rescheduled for delivery to the recipient’s address
CompletedYour parcel was delivered successfully
Successfully DeliveredThe parcel has been delivered to the recipient 
Parcel delivery has been cancelledThe parcel delivery has been cancelled
Return to SenderThe maximum number of delivery attempts have been made, and the parcel will be returned to the sender

When will my parcel arrive?

To find out the estimated delivery date and time, please track your parcel via the Ninja Xpress website. Once you have tracked your parcel, look for ‘Estimated Delivery Information’, which will show the latest possible date the parcel will be delivered to you. 

Ninja Xpress operational hours

Pickup and delivery of parcels:

Monday-Sunday (Not including national holidays) at 9 am - 10 pm local time

Ninja Xpress Customer Service Hours:

Monday-Sunday at 8 am - 11 pm Western Indonesian Time (WIB)