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Legal, Privacy and Whistleblowing

Here you can find the various legal and compliance documents that are applicable across the Ninja Xpress Group, including Ninja Xpress's Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct for Suppliers, and our standard delivery terms.

Terms of Use

  • This section describes the terms you agree to when accessing and using Ninja Xpress's websites and services.

Ninja Xpress Privacy Policy

  • This section explains how and why we collect your personal data, how we use and disclose it, and your rights in relation to the management of your personal data.

Ninja Xpress App Terms and Conditions

  • This section contains terms and conditions that agree to when using Ninja Biz on your mobile devices (coming soon).

Ninja Xpress's General Terms and Conditions of Delivery Services

  • This section contains Ninja Xpress’s General Terms and Conditions of Delivery Services that you agree to when engaging Ninja Xpress’s delivery services.

Ninja Xpress Group Whistleblowing Policy

  • Ninja Xpress takes its legal and compliance obligations very seriously, and as such takes a zero tolerance approach to any non compliance or misconduct by its employees or third party partner.
  • Go to this link to make an anonymous whistleblowing report and find out how Ninja Xpress handles your Whistleblowing report.
  • Alternatively, you may wish to email us at to report any legal and regulatory non compliance.

Ninja Xpress reserves the right to at any time and in its discretion, amend and update the provisions of the terms and policies published on this website. We encourage you to visit this website regularly to read and understand the latest versions of Ninja Xpress's legal terms and policies.

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This Policy or Terms are in effect from 11 April 2022.