Ninja Fulfillment

We provide support services for storing, packaging, and delivering your goods according to your business standards to the shipping company

Hassle-free Inventory Management for Business

Ninja Fulfillment is a comprehensive warehousing and fulfillment solution from Ninja Xpress for e-commerce sellers and business owners. We offer three main services: warehouse storage (with inventory management), order fulfillment, and last mile doorstep delivery to your customer’s address.

In-house Fulfillment

  1. Expensive
  2. Time-consuming
  3. Inefficient
  4. Difficult to scale with business size

Ninja Fulfillment

  • Lower overheads
  • Time-saving
  • Lower rate of mistakes, delays, and returns
  • Pay as you use

How Ninja Fulfillment works

Benefits using Ninja Fulfillment

We also provide additional services according to your business needs, such as unstuffing, kitting and bundling, custom packaging, and others.
Safe storage

Goods will be stored in a warehouse with complete facilities, ensuring the quality and safety of the goods.

Pick & pack process

Goods will be picked up by our courier to be safely stored in our fulfillment center where they will be picked and packed.

Reach out to us to get started

Contact the Ninja Fulfillment team to get the latest information about our goods storage service or attractive offers for your business.

Other Services

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