About Ninja Van

Founded in 2014 by friends Lai Chang Wen, Boxian Tan and Shaun Chong, Ninja Van was born out of a second-hand van

‘No, we have multiple vans, don’t worry about it’ - Lai Chang Wen, CEO

Our Founders

Lai Chang Wen

Co-Founder + CEO

Shaun Chong

Shaun Chong

Co-founder and CTO

Tan Boxian

Tan Boxian

Co-founder and CPO

Who would have known that the company, which was initially founded to support their fashion line, would soon expand across Southeast Asia to become one of the leading contenders in the logistics industry. Today, Ninja Van operates in six of the region’s key markets - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand.

Ninja Van has grown to over 5,000 strong and are committed to providing quality logistics solutions to e-commerce businesses across SEA.

At a glance

A leading logistic partner in Southeast Asia

100% coverage across the region, with established operations and networks in 6 key markets.

Trusted by more than 2 million shippers

We offer logistics and supply chain products and services for businesses of all sizes.

2m parcels delivered daily

Reliable and flexible delivery solutions supported by more than 67,000 staff and delivery personnel.

Providing deliveries to close to 110m customers

Trackable parcel deliveries that connect communities in Southeast Asia's metro and provincial areas

We power deliveries across the region

Our Culture

Most people might think that the logistics industry isn’t the most exciting field, however at Ninja Van, we are constantly working with new technologies to improve our systems. As a tech-driven company, change is part and parcel of our daily life.

Our Core Values

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