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Hassle-free Pickup and Drop-off

As part of our hassle-free service, we provide courier pickup and drop-off (PUDO). To allow maximum convenience for shippers all over Singapore, we’ve partnered with over 1,000 businesses across the island so that shippers can send and return parcels just a short distance from their homes or offices.

Send a parcel

Visit any Ninja Point and ship parcels nationwide. For parcels below 5kg and 80cm, both Ninja Lite or Ninja Pro shippers can opt to drop them off at the nearest Ninja Point.

Collect your parcel

Collect your parcels from Ninja Points nationwide closest to you at your convenience. Waiting around for deliveries is a thing of the past.

Return a parcel

Ninja Points serve as a drop-off point for you to return your items. Get your parcel issues sorted hassle-free anytime at over 1,000 Ninja Points (for parcels less than 5kg and 80cm).

Purchase Ninja Packs

Purchase prepaid packs from selected Ninja Points to enjoy deliveries at a flat rate across Singapore!

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Certain Ninja Box locations are still undergoing maintenance. Please check on the map before heading down! Apologies for the inconvenience caused! Click on a store on the map to view the address and operational hours

Join the growing network of Ninja Points

Ninja Van is looking to grow our network of over 1,000 PUDO partners. Sign up today to earn additional income with your retail store and be a partner in connecting businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any size limitations on the parcels that I drop off at Ninja Points?

Ninja Points will accept parcels that are less than 5kg and less than 80cm (Length + Width + Height).

For larger parcels below 30kg and less than 300cm (Length + Width + Height), either side not exceeding 1.4m, please drop them off at the stations below from Monday - Friday, 12PM to 6PM.

What if my parcels are heavier than 5kg or bulkier than 80cm (Length + Width + Height)?

For parcels below 30KG, less than 300cm (Length + Width + Height), with either side not exceeding 1.4m - please drop them off at the following locations from Monday - Friday, 12PM to 6PM.

Drop off points will be marked with a standee, as per example below: