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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does my parcel status mean?

Ninja Van utilizes a variety of delivery statuses to help you keep track of your parcel. Once you enter the Tracking ID on our website, you will be able to see one of the following statuses:

  • Order Created

This means that the seller has acknowledged and created your order. Take note that your order is still with the seller, so for further enquiries, please liaise with the seller.  

  • Parcel is being processed at Ninja Van Warehouse - Singapore

This means that your parcel has officially been handed over to Ninja Van and it is being processed at our main Ninja Van Warehouse facilities.

  • Parcel is being processed at Ninja Van Warehouse - Ninja Van Sorting Facility

This means that your parcel has been handed over from the main warehouse to the destination warehouse that is nearest to your delivery address.  

  • Parcel is on its way

This means that your parcel has been handed over to our Ninja Van drivers that will be attempting to deliver it today. 

  • Successfully Delivered 

This means that your parcel has been successfully delivered to you.

  • Delivery is Unsuccessful

Unfortunately, this means that the delivery attempt was unsuccessful and would require you to reschedule for a later delivery date.

  • Parcel dropped off at Parcel Drop Off Counter / Box

This means that the seller has dropped off the parcel at the collection point, waiting for a Ninja Van driver to pick it up.

  • Parcel delivered to Parcel Collection Counter / Box

This means that your parcel has been successfully delivered to the destination collection point and is ready for collection.

  • On-Hold

Parcel will be On Hold due to inaccurate order details (i.e. name, contact number or address) or suspected loss.

Kindly contact us via chat with the following details for us to proceed with the delivery,

  1. Recipient Name
  2. Doorstep Delivery Address
  3. Contact No.
  4. Expected Delivery Date
  5. Item Description
  • Tracking ID is invalid

Kindly check with your shipper/sender if the Tracking number you received is correct. 

My tracking ID is missing

If you are unable to locate the tracking ID, refer to any documentation you may have or reach out to the shipper/sender.

Connect to a live agent via live chat if you are still unable to locate your tracking ID.

Why has my parcel not been delivered yet?

Ninja Van will always strive to deliver your parcel as soon as we can, within the stipulated time frame.

However, please take into account that delivery times for overseas parcels may take a longer time period due to the long-distance travel required. Additionally, during huge online campaigns and sales periods, we do foresee a spike in volume which may potentially cause brief delays to the delivery time as well.

Delays in parcel delivery could be due to various reasons such as:

  • Force majeure events like natural disasters and inclement weather conditions
  • Customs clearance complications
  • Peak periods with high sales volume 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. If your order is delayed for an extensive period of time, please reach out to us via chat for further assistance.

Rest assured that Ninja Van will always try our best to follow up and prioritize these delayed parcels.

My questions are not answered here

Please visit the support page for more commonly asked questions.