Ninja Restock Case Study: Local Startup Coffee Brand

A start-up coffee brand found a cost-efficient way to expand their retail outlets nationwide

The client, a fast-growing coffee chain in the Philippines, partnered with Ninja Restock for a cost-efficient and faster way to transport their stocks to outlets outside of Metro Manila and GMA.

About the Client

The client is a fast-growing startup coffee chain based in the Philippines. It is upending the Philippine retail coffee landscape, challenging pricey coffee outlets by offering quality coffee at affordable prices. 

This startup coffee brand has found a successful formula that balances the right price of coffee, the taste of the Filipino consumer, and accessibility of their outlets. With these, they’re primed to continue scaling up their footprint across the country.


Ninja Restock’s less than truckload delivery has allowed the startup coffee brand to replenish stocks in their outlets almost every day. It’s an affordable way to move their stocks faster, especially to locations outside of the city center.

Ninja Van aims to deepen the partnership with the client not just to penetrate more locations nationwide, but also manage working capital effectively while doing so.