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Ship more to earn more points! Unlock exclusive perks, value-added services, and other exciting offers as you make your way to the top of Ninja Van’s loyalty program! We’re always looking for ways to help you with your hustle. Ninja Rewards is the shipper loyalty program that will help boost your business.
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Your rewards points will be automatically added to your account every time you ship with us.

Redeem points

Redeem your points for exclusive rewards like shipping rebates, new gadgets, shopping vouchers, and more!

access more upgrades

Ship more and advance to the next tier to access even more benefits and rewards!

Check out exclusive, new perks for your business

Enjoy a wider range of offers, benefits, and items that you can redeem for a hassle-free experience with Ninja Rewards. Here’s a sneak peek of rewards and perks you can claim!

14,000+ points needed

1,170+ Monthly Parcel Volume


36,000+ points needed

3,000+ Monthly Parcel Volume


72,000+ points needed

6,000+ Monthly Parcel Volume


144,000+ points needed

12,000+ Monthly Parcel Volume

More parcels, more points. More points mean more gifts & rebates!

*Redeem once every new status upgrade without using ninja reward points
**Redeem once per qualifying period

Free business solutions for your hustle

*Redeem once every new status upgrade without using ninja reward points
**Redeem once per qualifying period

You deserve a break, and it's on us!

*Redeem once every new status upgrade without using ninja reward points
**Redeem once per qualifying period

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Ninja Reward FAQs

How do I sign up?

Sign up is done automatically by Ninja Van when a new eligible shipper is onboarded with us. Please reach out to should there be any concerns regarding the sign-up process. Do note that Ninja Rewards points can only be accumulated after signing up for the program, and cannot be backdated.

Is there a membership or subscription fee?

No, there are no membership or subscription fees at all! Ninja Rewards is free for every Ninja Dash shipper.

I have more than one shipper account, can I combine all my Ninja Rewards Points?

Yes, please email us at Do note that merging of accounts is irreversible.

How do I know which accounts are already under the Ninja Rewards program?

If you have indicated all your accounts during registration, the points earned from all these accounts will be automatically combined. 

For points or account inquiries, email

How do I know if I have successfully signed up for Ninja Rewards?

Upon successful signup, you should receive an onboarding email with a link to the Ninja Rewards program platform with your login details. 

If you have already filled in the form but have yet to receive the onboarding email within two working days, kindly fill in the form again and contact us at

How do I earn Ninja Rewards points?

You earn points with each completed regular delivery order with us! Points will be automatically added at the end of the day based on the number of deliveries completed that day. Please note that Ninja Pack deliveries are not eligible for Ninja Reward Points.

What rewards can I get?

We have Ninja Exclusive Perks, Partner Perks, and redeemable rewards for every tier. Earn more Ninja Rewards points to unlock more benefits and entitlements!