Pay-per-space, Less Than Truckload shipping with Ninja Restock

Faster, agile, and more affordable restocking and inventory transport for your business.

Minimize inventory risks with smaller, frequent restocks!

You always need a faster way to restock your stores to avoid stockouts, or move your inventory around to unlock cash flow tie-ups from overstocking. Ninja Restock mitigates inventory risks by offering small, frequent restocks. Get cost-efficient LTL freight, interisland shipping, and pay-per-space cargo trucking to streamline your supply chain and scale your business faster.

Ninja Restock will deliver your goods when you need them, where you need them

Boost your B2B delivery with our fast and affordable restocking solution. It’s optimized for businesses requiring on-demand less-than-truckload (LTL) land freight and interisland deliveries nationwide. You can seamlessly integrate Ninja Restock into your in-house fleet or delivery network to keep your stores well-stocked and your supply chain efficient all the time. We'll transport your stocks for replenishment or inventory pullouts:
Warehouse to multiple drop-off points

We can deliver and restock items from your warehouse to multiple drop-off points.

Store to store

We can deliver and restock items from one store to another.

Warehouse to warehouse

We can pick up and deliver items from your supplier to your  warehouses.

Switch to Ninja Restock now!

Say goodbye to slow and expensive cargo trucking services, or the stress of managing your own fleet! Get more agile, more cost-efficient restocking solutions today.

Traditional Cargo

  1. Needs big cargo volume to maximize cost
  2. Pay for the entire truck no matter the load size 
  3. Fuel surges and unexpected fees affect cost
  4. Point A to Point B deliveries
  5. Slow and fixed delivery schedules
  6. Most only deliver within Metro Manila or major cities
  7. Limited flexibility and fixed routes

Ninja Restock

  • Smaller load requirement, frequent drop-offs
  • More affordable - pricing is based on per CBM
  • Fixed rate - no hidden costs
  • Allows multiple-drops minus multiple POs
  • Adapt quickly to seasonal demands
  • Faster and convenient nationwide delivery
  • More flexible and cost-efficient restocking

More pay-per-space benefits for your business

Unlike traditional FTL or LTL services, Ninja Restock offers a more flexible approach. You can make frequent deliveries (daily, weekly, or 2x week) and only pay for the space your products occupy in our trucks. This means faster restocking times nationwide, even beyond Metro Manila or Luzon.

Ensure safe and timely transport of your supplies or goods without paying for expensive trucking services.

Optimizing your operations

Save on your operational costs while increasing efficiency of your business and your supply chain.

Fast nationwide delivery

Next-day delivery of your supplies or items within Metro Manila, and 1-2 days for provincial locations.

Case Studies

Hear it from our shippers how Ninja Restock provided solutions to their inventory transport challenges:
Local Startup Coffee

A startup coffee brand expanding to more locations outside Metro Manila. But relying on traditional trucking service was too expensive and building an in-house fleet will negatively impact their expansion capital.


Skechers in Malaysia experienced delays in stock deliveries, understocking, and overstocking in their 116 stores due to poor communication with their previous transport provider. This resulted in bad customer experience.

Make Ninja Van your strong and reliable partner in growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of goods can be transported with Ninja Restock?

We can cater to any bulk delivery requests for supplies and products going to your warehouses or retail stores, including but not limited to:

  • garments and shoes
  • cosmetics and beauty products
  • accessories
  • merchandise
  • gadgets and tech 
  • non-perishable food items
  • restaurant supplies
  • small equipment
  • non-toxic raw materials
  • marketing and advertising collaterals

What is the coverage area and delivery network of your Ninja Restock in the Philippines?

Ninja Van has a wider area coverage than many traditional trucking services. We have a nationwide delivery fleet ready to deliver your items within Metro Manila, GMA, Central and North Luzon, and many locations within the VizMin region.

What are the typical delivery times?

Next-day delivery within Metro Manila and GMA, and 1-2 days for provincial locations.

How do you handle delays or damage to my shipments?

We provide limited liability coverage for delayed, lost or damaged shipments. Please take note of these reminders to avoid damage to your items:

  • Make sure the boxes are not overstuffed or bulging
  • Check that items inside the boxes are properly packed to avoid damage during transit
  • Label the boxes properly; Make sure the delivery address and contact details are visible.
  • Seal the boxes properly with security tapes and other sealing materials 

Can I track the status of my shipment?

You can track the status of your shipment via the Ninja Dashboard. Creating an account on the Ninja Dashboard allows you to schedule your shipment’s pickup and get real-time updates of its status — from pickup to delivery.

For other questions or inquiries, contact our Ninja Restock team today! 

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