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Be a Ninja Point

Your Incentives

Diversify your business and improve sales by increasing your store's footfall.

Diversify your business
Diversify your business

On top of your product offerings, stay competitive by providing a variety of services for your customers.

Grow your business
Grow your business

Increase footfall and have access to training and marketing support.

Jump into e-commerce
Jump into e-commerce

Be a part of the e-commerce ecosystem and increase your store's visibility.

How can I be a Ninja Point?

How can I be a Ninja Point?

1. Your store is located in commuter-dense areas and has high visibility.

Ninja Van welcomes stores located in residential areas such as void decks and office/industrial buildings. However, kindly note that stores which are also places of residence such as HDB units are ineligible.

2. You are happy to take on full Ninja Van branding.

You will be required to display signs, stickers or other marketing material containing Ninja Van's branding at your store to inform customers of the services offered. Rest assured that all materials will be provided by Ninja Van.

3. You are willing to offer Ninja Van’s parcel services at your store.

As a Ninja Point, you will be required to allow customers to collect, send or return Ninja Van parcels at your store.

How it works

Customer visits your store
1. Customer visits your store

A customer visits your store to collect, send or return a parcel.

Scan the parcel
2. Scan the parcel

All parcel procedures will be handled through Ninja Van's platform using your mobile device. Not to worry, our friendly Ninjas will provide support and training on how to use the app.

Pass or collect the parcel
3. Pass or collect the parcel

After the parcel has been processed, store all parcels in a safe place or pass the parcel to the customer.

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