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Customs Clearance

Leverage on our extensive network of customs clearance partners to clear your shipments. Southeast Asia’s customs regulations are always changing, but this should not stop you from entering the region. Let us handle your shipments and customers clearance for you!

customs brokerage

All You Need To Know About Customs Clearance

Duties and Taxes for E-commerce and Bulk shipments

Goods sold directly to end customers such as your international e-commerce parcels will undergo B2C clearance. B2C clearance also means that the De Minimis Rule applies and your parcels enjoy tax exemptions at customs. Your international bulk shipment meant for business purposes such as restocking will go through B2B custom clearance. As the De Minimis rule does not hold, you have to pay customs duties for your shipment. For transshipments, duties will only be incurred at the final destination.

Customs Regulations On Controlled Commodities

Controlled goods are categorised into prohibited and restricted goods. Prohibited goods are not allowed to be exported or imported while restricted goods require authorisation from relevant agency to move across borders. Read on to find out more about the documents required when shipping different types of commodities across borders.

Duties and Taxes for E-Commerce and Bulk shipments

E-Commerce Shipments

De Minimis Rule applies but your parcel will enjoy tax exemptions

Bulk Shipments

Customs duties will apply at the final destination country

Duties For International B2C Shipment

Due to the De Minimis Rule, international B2C parcels are exempted from custom duties and Goods & Services Tax (GST) as long as their value is below the de minimis threshold of the destination country. However, do note that the values stated below are subjected to changes of custom regulations. Speak to our friendly Ninjas to learn about the duties for your international shipment.


De Minimis: 400 SGD

GST: 7%

Import tax varies across categories


De Minimis: 500 MYR

SST: 10%

Import tax varies across categories


De Minimis: 1,500 THB

VAT: 7%

Import tax varies across categories


De Minimis: 3 USD

VAT: 10%

Import tax varies across categories


De Minimis: 1,000,000 VND

VAT: 10%

Import tax varies across categories


De Minimis: 10,000 PHP

VAT: 12%

Import tax varies across categories

Duties For International B2B Shipment

Shipping to Singapore

Singapore: 7% GST + Import Tax

Shipping to Malaysia

Malaysia: 10% SST + Import Tax

Shipping to Thailand

Thailand 7% VAT + Import tax

Shipping to Indonesia

Indonesia: 10% VAT + Import Tax

Shipping to Vietnam

Vietnam: 10% VAT + Import Tax

Shipping to Philippines

Philippines: 12% VAT + Import Tax

Documents Required For Customs Clearance

Both B2C and B2B customs clearance require supporting documents. However, you will require special approval from relevant authorities when shipping restricted goods overseas. The list of restricted goods differs across South East Asia. Consult our Ninjas to find out whether the commodity type of your shipment is considered restricted based on the destination country’s customs regulations.

General Goods

If you are shipping general goods overseas, you will only be required an Airway Bill, Commercial Invoice and Packing List (CIPL) for customs clearance. Examples of general goods include clothing and accessories.

Restricted Goods

On top of the general documents required, you will need to apply for relevant import permits when shipping restricted goods overseas. There are some goods that are not considered restricted but may require a material safety data sheet (MSDS) when shipped due to the nature of its contents. Common categories include liquids, electronics and powders.

Let Us Help You With Customs Clearance

Our ninjas can lighten your burden by providing professional advice on your overseas shipment, from packaging to documents required.

Customs Clearance

We are experts at handling customs clearance. Let us handling the nitty-gritty of customs regulations.

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