Last Mile Delivery

Hassle-free logistics for private and commercial use.

Fast, punctual and hassle-free delivery

Whether it’s a seamless door-to-door delivery, contactless drop-off at a customer’s doorstep or just a friendly greeting, we are committed to providing quality logistics service for both businesses and individual customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out the list of popular questions below. If you have any additional enquiries or need assistance from our staff, please chat with us on NinjaChat.

How long does Ninja Van take to deliver my product?

The exact delivery dates may vary, however our promised SLAs are typically within 1 to 3 working days

Can I track my delivery in real-time?

Yes! We offer real-time tracking for all our deliveries.

What happens when the recipient is not at home when the delivery arrives?

Fear not, our Ninja delivery staff will make 2 more redelivery attempts, for a total of 3 attempts, for FREE!

What’s the return or exchange process?

Ninja Van offers flexibility to our shippers to customise their return or exchange process. Please discuss with your account manager regarding your detailed requirements.

Do you offer delivery insurance?

Yes! We cover all deliveries under our care up to a certain amount. This amount is determined by the services used and/or the shipper agreement. Please refer to the respective service pages for their specific insurance coverage.

Do you offer environmentally friendly or sustainable delivery options?

Yes! We recently launched our Eco Ninja Packs that are made with 100% biodegradable and incineration-safe materials. 

Additionally, we have also made efforts to reduce our carbon footprint across our entire supply chain.

Can I deliver anything with Ninja Van?

Before shipping with Ninja Van, please review our list of restricted products. This list outlines items that may have special handling requirements or cannot be transported due to safety or legal reasons. Complying with these restrictions ensures a smooth shipping process, avoids potential delays, and helps maintain the integrity of our logistics network.

Packing for deliveries

To ensure a smooth and secure last mile delivery experience with Ninja Van, we highly encourage shippers to check out our packaging guidelines before creating their delivery orders. Please note that parcels that are non-compliant with our packaging guidelines may be returned or undergo repackaging by our staff.


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