Ninja Flexi: Pay-per-use parcel delivery

Quick and simple tracked C2C delivery via Messenger, Telegram or Viber

Hassle-free ad-hoc delivery from $2.99 only

Here’s a few ways people are using Ninja Flexi:
Sale of preloved items
Returning items to sender
Sending gifts

How to send a package with Ninja Flexi

Shipping with Ninja Flexi is both simple and hassle-free! Just select “send a one-time parcel” via SNS, key in your mailing details, print out and attach the shipping label to the package and drop it off at one of 700+ Ninja Points!


How long will it take to ship my package?

  1. The parcel will be shipped within 3 working days.
  2. Orders created before 10pm will be picked up by the next working day between 10am - 10pm. Orders created after 10pm will be picked up the day after.
  3. Operating hours: Monday - Saturday

Are there any limits or prohibited items when sending with Ninja Flexi?

You can ship parcels that are less than 3kg and less than 80cm (length + width + height).

Please refer to the list of prohibited items here.

How should I pack my items?

Please carefully read and confirm the following instructions before proceeding to create an order with us:

  • Ensure that all items to be delivered are completely sealed in an external packaging.
  • Confirm that the contents of the parcel are non-perishable items, such as non-food and non-living products.
  • Verify that the contents of the parcel do not include any valuable items, such as credit or ATM cards, or cash.
  • Confirm that the contents of the parcel are not irreplaceable documents, such as written drafts, certificates, or passports.

By proceeding with the order, you agree that you have followed the above instructions and that any violation may result in refusal of delivery. Thank you for choosing our service.

Please refer to the packaging guidelines here.

Where can I drop off my package?

Please find your closest Ninja Point here.

What are the payment options available?

  1. Major credit cards such as VISA/Master/AMEX/UnionPay
  2. Google Pay

Do I need to create an account to start shipping?

Not at all! You can enjoy hassle-free shipping and the convenience of sending parcels without creating an account.

How do I get the air waybill?

Your air waybill will be emailed to the sender email address indicated during order creation.

How do I edit my orders?

Kindly reach out to for assistance if you wish to make any amendments to the order. Operating hours are from 9am-6pm (Monday-Friday), 9am-1pm (Saturday).