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What are Ninja Packs?

Ninja Packs Dimension
One price, all-you-can-fit

4 reasons to choose Ninja Packs

Hassle-free & convenient
1. Hassle-free & convenient

All you have to do is pack your items into the Ninja Pack, create your orders in our system and drop it off. We will take care of everything else.

Cash-on-delivery everywhere
2. Cash-on-delivery everywhere

We provide cash-on-delivery service wherever we deliver so you never have to worry about cash collection again.

Seamless real-time tracking
3. Seamless real-time tracking

With pre-generated tracking IDs on Ninja Packs, you will always know where your parcel is and when it reaches your customer.

Free delivery reattempts
4. Free delivery reattempts

No one at home? No worries - we provide up to 3 delivery attempts to ensure your parcels arrive safely in the hands of your customers.

How to ship with Ninja Packs

Buy Ninja Packs
Buy Ninja Packs

Buy your Ninja Packs online.

Tell us where to send them
Tell us where to send them

Pack and seal your Ninja Pack and enter the delivery details online.

Pass us your Ninja Packs
Pass us your Ninja Packs

Drop off your Ninja Packs at any of our Ninja Points

Track your Ninja Packs
Track your Ninja Packs

Start tracking your Ninja Packs with the printed Tracking ID within 24 hours of sending them.

Ninja Packs: Choose your size!

XS SizeS SizeS SizeM SizeM SizeM Size
Size of the Pack230 x 170mm350 x 250mm350 x 250mm470 x 330mm470 x 330mm470 x 330mm
Delivery SpeedStandard (1-3 days)Standard (1-3 days)Standard (1-3 days)Standard (1-3 days)Standard (1-3 days)Standard (1-3 days)
Size of the Bundle20 Packs5 Packs20 Packs1 Packs5 Packs20 Packs
Cost per Pack


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