Packaging Guidelines

Learn how to pack your items safely and securely to prepare them for delivery

Ninja Van Packaging Guidelines

Is my parcel well-protected?

A good way to gauge if your parcel is sufficiently protected for the entire transit journey is to apply the following rule:

Shipper resources for all enquiries

Need more information on how to send a parcel using Ninja Van's services or how to navigate your Ninja Dashboard account? Whether you are a prepaid or postpaid shipper, click on the links below to find comprehensive guides on shipping with Ninja Van.

Prepaid Shippers

Lite account
Our prepaid delivery services

Tailored for shippers sending less than 150 parcels per month

  • Supports Ninja Packs and domestic delivery services
  • Self drop off and/or scheduled parcel pick up at your own convenience
  • Simple single and/or bulk order creation

Postpaid Shippers

Pro account
Our postpaid courier services

Tailored for shippers sending 150 parcels or more per month

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Scheduled doorstep pickups based on desired frequency
  • API & webhook management for efficient and scalable order creation