Ninja Van Packaging Guidelines

Packaging Guidelines

Learn how to pack your items safely and securely to prepare them for delivery

Ninja Van Packaging Guidelines

Important Packaging Points

Not sure how to pack your goods before sending them? Here's a quick guide to get you started. Please make sure to pack your valuables according to the guidelines below to maintain the condition of your items throughout the delivery process.

Carton Box Strength
Carton boxes should ideally be at least double-walled to protect your items.If the carton is single-walled, or the items inside are heavier, additional layers of shrink and bubble wrap should be used to reinforce the external carton.
Original Product Boxes
If the integrity of the original product box needs tobe preserved. Protect it as part of the product, and place it in a larger external box.
Leave No Empty Spaces
Use filler material in order to minimize lateral movement of the product, reducing risk of damage to the items or boxes during transit. Ensure that the material provides sufficient support for your products.
Find The Right Fit
Always place your products in the center of the box, with at least some distance between the walls or corners.When properly filled with filler material, this spacing will provide additional cushioning and protection.
Separation Is Key
When shipping multiple items in a single package, you should wrap each item separately.Dividers should be used to keep the items from making contact during transit.
Using Polymailers?
Polymailers are great for shipping your products, but offer little-to-no actual protection.Do ensure that individual items in the polymailers are sufficiently shrink and bubble wrapped for protection.
Odd-shaped Parcels
Large items that are not able to fit into boxes should be tightly shrink wrapped together before being bubble wrapped, covering all surfaces. Any edges should be protected with bubble and shrink wrap or cardboard.
Look to first cling wrap the item to hold it tightly together, before bubble wrapping it.Thereafter, a few layers of shrink wrap should top it off and hold the air pockets together for better protection.
Unique Waybill
All parcels must have its own unique tracking ID and corresponding waybill.Waybills should also be securely fastened to the parcel through either adhesive labels, or by taping all sides of the label.
Waybill Clarity
Ensure that the parcel does not have multiple different or old waybills. Waybills should be sharply and clearly printed such that the barcode or QR code is easily visible and without blur lines or fading.
The Right Tape
Use strong carton sealing tape in the form of pressure-sensitive plastic tape, water activated tape, or reinforced tape that is at least 2 inches wide. Avoid using kraft paper tape, masking tape, or string.
Use The H-taping Method
Ensure all seams are taped down and sealed on all sides of the parcel. Repeat additional times for heavier shipments.
Fragile Parcels
Fragile items like wine glasses and ceramics should be wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap. A general recommendation is 8cm of bubble wrap protection. Fragile, and upright stickers should be visibly and clearly pasted on the boxes too.
Heavy Parcels
If the items you are shipping are on the heavier scale, look to reinforce your external boxes with additional layers of bubble and shrink wrap. This will provide additional support for the box to take the weight of the items.
Avoid Potential Leaks
Items containing liquids, with spray or pump nozzles, should have the nozzles shrink wrapped.This will help to reduce the chances of the liquids leaking and damaging other items or parcels.
Avoid Paper Packaging
Packaging that is prone to tearing puts your item at a high risk of falling out or getting damaged.Avoid using paper bags, envelopes or packaging with thin materials.
Bottles and Liquids
When sending liquor, wine or other bottle items, please put them in an upright position and label the parcel with an “upright” sticker.Place all bottles containing liquids in plastic bags to prevent spillage.
Electronic Devices
Ensure that all electronic devices are powered off, and batteries should be removed from devices if possible.
Do Not Bundle Multiple Parcels Together
Each parcel should be shipped on its own, with individual waybills, to minimise risk of damages, and/or missing parcels.Avoid attempting to bundle multiple boxes or parcels together.

Is my parcel well-protected?

A good way to gauge if your parcel is sufficiently protected for the entire transit journey is to apply the following rule:

Is my parcel well-protected

Additional Pointers on Packaging

Please take note that Ninja Van may apply labels to the outer packaging or repackage inappropriately packed items during the delivery process.

Labels to outer packaging
Additional markings and/or labels may be applied to the outer packaging during the delivery process.
Inappropriately packed items
Items not appropriately packed / labelled may be subjected to either: (i) Relabelling and / packaging by Ninja Van staff at the shipper’s cost. (ii) Rejection and subsequent return to sender for repackaging.

Shipper resources for all enquiries

Need more information on how to send a parcel using Ninja Van's services or how to navigate your Ninja Dashboard account? Whether you are a prepaid or postpaid shipper, click on the links below to find comprehensive guides on shipping with Ninja Van.

Prepaid Shippers

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Our prepaid delivery services

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  • Supports Ninja Packs and domestic delivery services
  • Self drop off and/or scheduled parcel pick up at your own convenience
  • Simple single and/or bulk order creation

Postpaid Shippers

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Our postpaid courier services

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