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What you’ll get

Diversify your business offerings and improve sales by increasing your store’s foot traffic!

Increase your store’s visibility by being a part of the ecommerce ecosystem.


Stay competitive by providing a variety of services on top of your regular products.


Increase footfall and gain access to specialised service training and marketing support.

Ninja Point services

As a Ninja Point, there are three services that you can offer. Retail partners can select the variety of services they wish to offer and will be paid accordingly to local rates. These services help our shippers and consignees create, send and receive orders swiftly and conveniently.
Ninja Send

Shippers can create an online order via Ninja Dash and drop off their parcel at any Ninja Point.

Ninja Collect

An alternative to doorstep delivery, consignees can pick up parcels from any Ninja Point.

Ninja Returns

Consignees can drop off return parcels at selected Ninja Points.

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