Ninja Dash

Fast and flexible postpaid shipping for e-commerce businesses, from just S$3.60.

Delivering quality customer experience

Ninja Van is committed to delivering a top-notch customer experience that sets us apart in the world of logistics and delivery services. Our dedication to providing quality customer experiences is at the core of everything we do, and is a fundamental part of our mission. Over our many years servicing e-commerce businesses, we’ve incorporated three factors that make up the core of our delivery operations.

For Small-Mid Size BusinessesFor Larger Businesses
Parcel VolumeLess than 150 parcels per monthMore than 150 parcels per month
Service Type
  • Standard domestic delivery (1-3 business days) 
  • Returns
  • International Delivery
  • Next day or standard domestic delivery (1-3 business days)
  • Returns 
  • International Delivery 
Parcel Liability Coverage
  • Standard: Covers parcels up to $100
  • Enhanced Protection Guarantee (EPG): Covers parcels up to $200 or $500
  • Standard
Technical Integration
  • Shopify App
  • Shopify App
  • API / Customised Integration
Parcel Pick-up
  • Open Time Slot Pick-up
  • Drop-off at over 700 Points
  • 3-hour Time Slot Pick-up
  • Open Time Slot Pick-up
  • Drop-off at over 700 Points
Customised Support
  • Shipper Support Hub
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Shipper Support Hub
Shipping Rates
  • From $3.60* per parcel
  • Enquire below

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Shipping rates

Check out our affordable rates for standard deliveries below.
Provision of services







Extra Large


Standard deliveries (1-3 days anytime)$3.60$4.60$8.60$11.60
Return Pick Up$5.60$7.10$10.10$14.10

Please note:

  • Prices listed above are subject to prevailing GST rates
  • Parcels have a max. weight of 30kg, or up to 300cm; sum of dimensions = (L + W + H), with each side not exceeding 140cm
  • Prices calculation is based on volumetric weight (LxHxW / 5000)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ninja Dash have any e-commerce integrations?

Yes, we have a Shopify app that allows users to create and process daily Shopify orders in just a few clicks! This plugin has been speed tested by our team for optimal performance and ensures no lags or delays in daily operations. 


  • Generate delivery orders and print airway bills directly from Shopify store
  • Partial order fulfilment function that allows shippers to ship items as they arrive instead of waiting on a full order inventory.

Do you integrate with any other platforms other than Shopify?

Our team provides customised API integrations and webhooks depending on your business’ needs. However, please note that a minimum order volume is required for a custom integration. 

Here’s a few of our available API functions:

  • Create and cancel order API
  • Generate waybill API
  • Webhooks API

For more information, please speak to your dedicated account manager for assistance!

I am facing issues using the Ninja Dash when creating my shipment. 

For guides and questions related to using Ninja Dash for shipping, please refer to Dash Support

I have questions that are not answered here. 

Please contact or chat with us on NinjaChat.