Prepaid regular service

Ship hassle-free with Prepaid Regular Service from SGD4

What is Prepaid Regular Service via Ninja Wallet?

Local Delivery from SGD5

Fast Local Delivery from SGD4

Prepaid Regular service is tailored for growing businesses with smaller volumes who wish to use their branded packaging materials. Ship parcels islandwide from SGD4 by topping up credits in your LITE account. What's more, enjoy peace-of-mind with real-time tracking, and liability coverage up to SGD100.

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Why you should choose Prepaid Regular Service

If you are a growing business owner who wants to get started in shipping your products, look no further! Here are 6 reasons why Prepaid Regular Service is the perfect solution for you.

Secure payment with Ninja Wallet
Secure payment with Ninja Wallet

Manage and pay conveniently for shipping through top up of credits on your Ninja Wallet.

Easy order creation
Easy order creation

Say goodbye to the hassle of writing addresses. Simply create your shipping orders on Ninja Dashboard.

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Real-time updates and notifications
Real-time updates and notifications

Your end recipients get to receive the latest updates on their parcel, real-time status notifications and speak to a customer service officer by subscribing to our Ninja Chat service.

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3 delivery attempts
3 delivery attempts

In cases of unsuccessful deliveries, Ninja Van will perform a second and third delivery attempt before returning the parcel to sender.

Pickup from your preferred location
Pickup from your preferred location

If you have a large number of parcels or bulky parcels to send, schedule a date and time at your convenience to have your parcels picked up directly from your doorstep. 

Drop off parcel at your nearest Ninja Point
Drop off parcel at your nearest Ninja Point

If you are always on the go, you can choose to drop your parcels off at our extensive network of drop-off points.

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Start shipping with Prepaid Regular Service

Shipping Rates

Please note:

  • Shipping rates have been revised across all Provision of Services and parcel sizes with effect from 1 June 2022
  • Prices listed below are subject to 7% GST
  • Parcels have a max. weight of 30kg, or up to 300cm; sum of dimensions = (L + W + H), with each side not exceeding 100cm
Shipping rates

If you have any questions regarding Prepaid Regular Service, please refer to the shipper resource guide.

You may also contact our Shipper Support team through any of the following channels: