Become a Retail Partner

Setup requirements

For those looking for a side hustle to create an additional stream of income, you can consider becoming a non-branded Ninja Point by simply signing up and offering pick-up and drop-off services in addition to your existing retail business. This is a low-cost way to add to your income with minimal disruption to your regular sales. However, if you are looking for a new and reliable business to start up, you might want to consider becoming one of our retail partners.
Non-branded Ninja Point
  • Any existing storefront in residential or commercial areas
  • Suitable operating hours
  • No setup fees
Retail Partner Store
  • A storefront in high foot traffic area
  • Knowledge on retail and e-commerce sales
  • Capital for renovations and other overheads

Ninja Point services

As a retail partner or Ninja Point, there are four services that you can offer. Retail partners can select the variety of services they wish to offer and will be paid accordingly to our rates. These services help our shippers and consignees create, send and receive orders conveniently with no hassle.
Ninja Send

Shippers can create an online order and drop off their parcel at any Ninja Point.

Ninja Post

For their convenience, shippers can also choose to create orders in person at selected Ninja Points.

Ninja Collect

An alternative to doorstep delivery, consignees can pick up parcels from any Ninja Point.

Ninja Returns

Consignees can drop off return parcels and create a return order at selected Ninja Points.

Join our growing network of Ninja Points

To provide shippers with greater convenience, a network of hubs and stations better facilitate pickups, drop-offs and other important functions. To date, there are over 5,000 Ninja Points across Malaysia. 

If you own a storefront and are interested in creating a stream of income through it, do consider signing up to become a Ninja Point today!