Fulfilment & Warehousing

Customisable inventory management for businesses

Agile and cost-effective picking, packing and sorting

At Ninja Van, we are committed to providing the best fulfilment and warehousing services at the most competitive price. With our experience in logistics and extensive coverage in Southeast Asia (SEA), we can increase the efficiency of our various sort facilities and warehouses. At the same time, costs are kept low which allows us to deliver affordable yet excellent picking, packing and sorting services to our clients. Using Ninja Fulfilment’s fixed cost service allows online sellers and business owners to save on manpower, rental fees and other consumable costs.

In-house Fulfilment

  1. Expensive
  2. Time-consuming
  3. Inefficient

Ninja Fulfilment

  • Lower overheads
  • Time-saving
  • Lower rate of mistakes, delays and returns

How it works

How do we keep costs low and efficiency high?

Many clients have asked how we can provide these services at a fixed cost. The answer is volume. As one of SEA's premier logistics partners, we deliver high volumes of products daily (as high as 1.9 million parcels in Peninsular Malaysia alone). Through centralised centres and careful route planning, we can maximise load per trip, keeping costs as low as possible.

Optimised delivery routes

By servicing multiple clients, each delivery route enables delivery vans to carry the optimised load per trip, reducing delivery time, petrol, manpower and other costs.

Centralised fulfilment network

A centralised fulfilment centre dedicated to picking, packing and shipping ensures consistent quality, time management and cost-effectiveness.

Our newest fulfilment centre in Malaysia

In January 2022, we unveiled our newest warehouse located in Shah Alam. To keep up with the demands of e-commerce, Ninja Van Malaysia invested in state-of-the-art equipment such as the DWS (Dimension Weighing and Scanning), automated rollers, conveyors, and multipurpose mobile scanners.

Our Fulfilment Services

In addition to regular picking, packing and sorting, we provide value-added services depending on the needs and requirements of our customers. All fulfilment partners can include value-added services like unstuffing, kitting and bundling, custom packaging and more.

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Other Services

International delivery

Delivering overseas? Tap into our experiences with cross-border logistics and engage us for smooth and seamless customs clearance, currency exchange, and other essential services.

Freight forwarding

Get freight forwarding services with Ninja Van today. Whether it is sea, air, truck or rail freight, our team is committed to providing quality service at the most competitive rates.