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E-commerce integration

Seamless E-commerce Integration with Ninja Van

Connect your E-commerce store to your Ninja Dashboard and start shipping with us in just a few clicks!

What is E-commerce Integration ?

As your business grows due to the shift in shopper behavior from offline to online, having a reliable shipping provider with shipping integration would ease your burdens on order creation, order fulfillment, and airway bill generation, automating the time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business instead.

You can now integrate your E-commerce store directly to your Ninja Dashboard, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Your customers' purchase details will be directly uploaded as soon as an order is placed and confirmed on your store - no more copy-and-pasting order details to your Ninja Dashboard, and no more human errors!

Features and Benefits for your Business

Seamless Order Creation
Seamless Order Creation

Real-time data of your order such as order creation, events status, and tracking number are reflected automatically between your platform and Ninja Van Dashboard.

Order Fulfillment in Bulk
Order Fulfillment in Bulk

Select the orders that you want to fulfill, the order creation will be reflected in your Ninja Van Dashboard.

Automated Airway Bill Generation
Automated Airway Bill Generation

Generate airway bill in a single push! You can display item descriptions, order numbers, and also hide sender details.

Order Management Platform

These order management platforms consist of features such as agent management system, point-of-sale, cash-on-delivery management, agent's commission, affiliate management, and many more! The best part is that all of them are integrated with Ninja Van to ease your day-to-day process.


E-commerce Builders

These platforms are end-to-end E-commerce solution platform providers for you to choose from based on your requirements and the solutions you need. These listed platforms consist of Ninja Van's Plugin for you to just install in your Platform's Plugin Module


Direct and Custom Integration

Ninja API

Our APIs consist of: 

  • Create order and cancel API
  • Generate waybill API
  • Webhooks API

Every Ninja Van Pro Account comes with an API feature for you to build your own custom function and module in your system. In our documentation, we have included all the APIs in our repository, integration requirements, sample payload, webhooks subscriptions, and error codes. Use our API to build custom features based on your requirements!

Read documentations here

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