Flexible postpaid shipping for e-commerce

Build better customer experiences

Having grown into one of SEA’s leading logistics providers, we are intimately aware that last mile delivery plays a vital role in many businesses. Although every step of the parcel delivery process is just as important, consumers will only directly experience the final stretch when their order makes it into their hands. Hence, the last mile can determine whether your customers have a positive or negative experience with you.

This is why Ninja Van conducts extensive training for all our delivery Ninjas and implements many quality control processes. We support businesses by providing quality service and achieving customer satisfaction.

Growing together with businesses

As one of SEA’s leading start-ups, Ninja Van is constantly growing and developing - this is why we understand that logistical needs and challenges evolve at different phases of every business's expansion. From local courier services to regional deliveries, we are here to help you expand your business with hassle-free deliveries; with peace of mind, you can focus on growing your reach while we take care of the logistics.

Core commitments

Fast-speed Delivery

Good Parcel Handling

Prompt Pickups

Grow with us

Ninja Van is committed to providing businesses with hassle-free service. Simply sign up for a Ninja Pro account to get access to our enhanced dashboard and a dedicated account manager to onboard and assist you with order creations, inventory management and more!

Create a Pro account

Indicate your interest here and an account manager will be in contact with you.

Dedicated Account Manager

Let us know what your business needs are over a short onboarding session.

Create a delivery order

Confirm the details of your shipment to proceed with your delivery order.

Start shipping!

You can arrange for pickup or drop-off from a Ninja Point or any custom location.

Value-added services

On top of our core service commitments, Ninja Van provides value-added services to all our business partners. Whether it is a dedicated account manager to assist you and keep you abreast of important updates, or technical support like data reporting and API integrations, we are ready to help you optimise your business logistics.

Dedicated Account Manager

Have a dedicated account manager assigned to you to assist you with any enquiries on the logistic process

Seamless Return Process

Ninja Van provides a fuss-free return solution. Customers can drop off their return parcels at a nearby Ninja point

Convenient Pickup & Drop-off

For shippers who are always on the go, you can choose to drop your parcels off at over 4,000 Ninja Points

Three Delivery Attempts

In the event of an unsuccessful delivery, Ninja Van will perform up to two delivery re-attempts for free before returning the parcel to the sender

Cash on Delivery (COD)

For stores that offer cash payment options to customers, Ninja Van offers COD service where we collect payments on your behalf and pay them out regularly

Parcel Liability Coverage

If a parcel is damaged or lost in our care, we provide limited liability coverage of up to the value of the delivery item or RM200 per delivery item, whichever is lower

Real-time Tracking & Notification

Recipients can receive real-time status notifications and speak to a customer service officer via NinjaChat

Domestic and International Services

Deliver anywhere with enhanced insurance options for your shipments with tailored pick up configurations

Reporting and API Integration Plugin

Integrate with almost any platform your business is on and have access to unlimited historical data and reports

E-commerce Integration Plugin

Shippers can now integrate their e-commerce stores directly with the Ninja Dashboard, allowing them to skip the manual parts of order creation, air waybill generation, event status updates, and many other processes. Ninja Van's e-commerce app seamlessly integrates customers' details as soon as an order is placed and confirmed in your store.

Real-time data sharing

Get real-time updates on your orders, event statuses and parcel tracking IDs on your e-commerce platform and Ninja Dash.

Automated order fulfilment

Automate order creation, air waybill generation and other tedious tasks with a single plugin. You’ll no longer fear typos or similar human errors!

Seamless marketplace integration

Connect your Ninja Dash account to almost any e-commerce marketplace platform and manage all your orders on the same dashboard easily.

API documentation

Every Ninja Pro account comes with an API feature for you to build your own custom function and module in your system. In our documentation below, we have included all APIs in our repository, integration requirements, sample payloads, webhook subscriptions and error codes.

Our APIs:
  • Create and cancel order API
  • Generate waybill API
  • Webhooks API

Want something simpler?

Get a Ninja Lite account for a simplified dashboard with key features required for starting a business. Pay only for what you need and scale up accordingly as your business grows!