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Need help on with order creation, parcel tracking, or packaging?

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Your parcels are safe with us!

With our real-time parcel tracking system, we report the status of parcels during the delivery process and ensure your parcels are accounted for every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visit the Ninja Helpdesk page for a full list of FAQs. For other enquiries, requests, or feedback, please reach out to our friendly support staff via NinjaChat or the Contact Us page.

Tracking ID

My tracking ID is invalid

Contact the sender and check if the tracking number you received is correct.

My tracking ID is missing, what do I do?

Your tracking ID can be found in many places, please check emails and notifications that were sent to you by the sender. 

Please contact for further assistance. 

Order Status

Where’s my parcel?

To track your parcel, visit the tracking page and key in your unique tracking ID.

Alternatively, subscribe to NinjaChat and get updates via your preferred communication channel.

My parcel was delayed

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience. At Ninja Van, we strive to deliver your orders as soon as we can.

We seek your kind understanding for any delays. The reasons for delay could include:

  • Force majeure events like natural disasters and inclement weather conditions
  • Customs clearance complications
  • Peak periods with high sales volume

If your order is delayed for an extensive period of time, please reach out to our support at or +60 111 722 5600 for further assistance.

We will try our best to follow up and prioritise delayed parcels.

Chat with us

For more enquiries, you can chat with a live agent via NinjaChat!