Hassle-free Couriered Parcel Returns

a banner of Ryo returning a parcel to a Ninja Point

Returns and refunds don't have to be complicated

Parcel return and refund processes can be complex. That’s why Ninja Van kickstarted a campaign to #SkipTheDrama to help you get your returns or refunds hassle-free.

How to return parcels

Ryo accepting a buyer's request for returning a parcel through Ninja Van
Contact seller

Please contact the seller to inform them of your intention to get a return/refund.

Ryo checking a policy checklist provided by Ninja Van to return a parcel
Follow instructions

Return policies may vary. Please follow the instructions provided by the seller.

Ryo sealed the parcel in its original Ninja Packs box before returning it
Repackage return parcel

To ensure a smooth and seamless return, reseal the item in its original packaging.

Ryo advising the buyer the options to return the parcel either by door pickup or drop off at the Ninja Point
Choose pickup or drop-off

The seller should schedule a return order with Ninja Van on your behalf. You can choose between a doorstep pickup or drop-off at a Ninja Point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I return my parcel using Ninja Van?

Yes you can. However, check with your shipper if they have opted for a parcel return service with us, or return deliveries will be charged with rates depending on the size of the parcel.

Contact support_my@ninjavan.co for further assistance.

How do I return my parcel?

Kindly reach out to the shipper to inform them that you’d like to return your parcel. They should provide you with their process and schedule a return pickup order with Ninja Van.

Once you have informed your shipper, please ensure that the parcel is in it’s original packaging for pickup. A Ninja Van rider will make the pickup on the date set by your shipper.

Alternatively, drop off your return parcel at a Ninja Point instead of waiting for a pickup.

How do I track my Return Parcel?

Once a return order has been made for pickup, kindly get in touch with your shipper to retrieve the Return Tracking ID.

Once our rider has picked up the parcel from you, you can follow its return journey using the Return Tracking ID on the Tracking page.

How do I request for a refund?

Please contact your shipper for a refund. They should provide you with their refund process and will get in touch with us to schedule a return pickup to retrieve the parcel.

Have more questions about returning your parcel or our policies?

Contact support_my@ninjavan.co or call us at +60 111 722 5600 for further assistance. Alternatively, fill up the contact form or subscribe to NinjaChat to speak to a live agent.

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