International E-Commerce Parcel Delivery

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Rely on our professional local operations team to send parcels from the Philippines to your customers worldwide. We are dedicated to providing delightful deliveries for your customers. Sign up now to enjoy exclusive discount!

How Our Cross-Border Delivery Services Work

We offer fuss-free shipping services from the Philippines to overseas. All you have to do is to schedule your parcels for pickup or proceed to drop them off. We will handle the rest for you.

Parcel Pickup And Drop Off
1. Parcel Pickups

After scheduling a parcel pickup on your Ninja Dashboard, one of our Ninjas will collect your parcels from your facility in the Philippines. Alternatively, you can choose to drop off your parcels at your nearest PUDO points nationwide.

2. Export Clearance

Once picked up, your parcels are transferred to our nearest sorting facility. They will be grouped based on destination countries. After sorting, parcels are prepared for export.

3. Freight Solution

Your parcels depart from the Philippines for their destination countries by air or truck, depending on the solution that best matches your business needs.

4. Import Clearance

Upon reaching their destination countries, your parcels will go through local import clearance with the relevant documents and checks.

Last Mile Delivery
5. Last Mile Delivery

Once customs are cleared, parcels are loaded, transferred to our nearest local sorting facility and sorted to be delivered within the destination country.

Doorstep delivery
6. Doorstep Delivery

Your parcels are delivered to end recipient's doorstep. If your customers are not home during the time of delivery, they can opt for the parcels to be left at a secure location using their unique verification code.

Value-Added Services

We equip you with shipping services that meet the needs of your international customers. We provide close to 100% Cash-On-Delivery (COD) coverage across Southeast Asia.

Cash On Delivery (COD)
COD Services

Give your customers the option to pay by cash in their local currency. We will handle the collection for you and perform remittance to you, in PHP.

Hassle-free International Parcels Return
Returns Handling

With our professional returns management services, even your customers based outside of the Philippines can enjoy effortless returns. However, returns handling is only available in selected markets. Please approach our friendly Ninjas to find out more.

How Does Cross-Border COD Service Work

Seamless COD service for your international customers. Your customers don't have to worry about paying in foreign currencies and our trustworthy Ninjas will ensure accurate cash collection for you during deliveries.

order creation
Create Orders

When you create orders on your Ninja Dashboard, indicate the amount of cash to be collected from your customers outside of the Philippines.

cash collection
Collect Payment

Our delivery team collects the stated amount of cash from your customers outside of the Philippines during delivery.

cash remittance
Remit Payment

We consolidate and transfer* the total COD payment to your chosen bank account in the Philippines, in PHP, at the beginning of the following month.

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Availability varies based on destination country.

How Does Cross-Border Returns Work

Returns are made easy with Ninja Van. We have doorstep pickups and drop-offs available across countries of coverage for a hassle-free experience with returning parcels.

return order creation
Create Return Order

After customers raise a return request on your business site, you should create a return order on your Ninja Van Dashboard.

Return Parcel Pick Up / Drop Off
Drop off/Pick Up Return Parcels

Customers can drop their return parcels off at any Ninja Van PUDO points as long as they are not bulky. Alternatively, we can pick up from their doorsteps in selected markets.

return consolidation
Export Return Parcels

We will process and consolidate the returns before shipping them back to your specified warehouse/office in the Philippines.

All You Need To Know About Customs Clearance

There are two types of customs clearance, namely B2C and B2B customs clearance. Goods sold directly to end customers will undergo B2C clearance. B2C clearance also means that the De Minimis Rule applies and your parcels enjoy tax exemptions at customs.

You should also note the commodity type of your shipment as it will determine the list of documents you would need for customs clearance. Documents required also depend on the customs regulations of the origin and destination countries. Read on to find out more or speak to our friendly Ninjas to learn about the customs procedures for your international shipment.

Duties For International B2C Shipment

Due to the De Minimis Rule, B2C parcels are exempted from custom duties and taxes as long as their value is below the de minimis threshold of the destination country. However, the values stated below are subjected to changes of customs regulations.

Singapore custom duties

The De Minimis value for Singapore is 400 SGD. If parcel value exceeds this threshold, a 7% GST will apply. Import duties might also be applicable depending on the goods category.

Malaysia custom duties

The De Minimis value for Malaysia is 500 MYR. If parcel value exceeds this threshold, a 10% SST will apply. Import duties might also be applicable depending on the goods category.

Thailand custom duties

The De Minimis value for Thailand is 1,500 THB. If parcel value exceeds this threshold, a 7% VAT will apply. Import duties might also be applicable depending on the goods category.

Indonesia custom duties

The De Minimis value for Indonesia is 3 USD. If parcel value exceeds this threshold, a 10% VAT will apply. Import duties might also be applicable depending on the goods category.

Vietnam custom duties

The De Minimis value for Vietnam is 1,000,000 VND. If parcel value exceeds this threshold, a 10% VAT will apply. Import duties might also be applicable depending on the goods category.

Philippines custom duties

The De Minimis value for Philippines is 10,000 PHP. If parcel value exceeds this threshold, a 12% VAT will apply. Import duties might also be applicable depending on the goods category.

Customs Regulations

B2C customs clearance generally require fewer documents than B2B clearance but additional documents may be required if you are shipping controlled goods. Controlled goods are categorised into prohibited and restricted goods. Prohibited goods are not allowed to be exported or imported while restricted goods require authorisation from relevant agency to move across borders.

clearance documents
Customs Clearance Documents

Airway Bill and Packing List are required for B2C customs clearance. Additional documents will be required if you are shipping restricted goods.

controlled goods
Special-Handling Products

There are goods that are not restricted nor prohibited but may require a material safety data sheet (MSDS) when shipped as the nature of its contents may cause flight safety issues. Common categories include liquids, electronics and powders.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you are ready to start shipping or would like professional advice on your international shipment from the Philippines to overseas, reach out to us today! We will iron out the best shipping option for you.