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Ninja Point Services

There are three services you can offer as a pickup and drop off point at Ninja Van. Choose the services you want to offer and be paid according to our rates. These services help our shippers and consignees create, send and receive orders conveniently and hassle-free.
Ninja Send
Send a Parcel

Shippers can create an online order via our Dashboard and drop off their parcel.

Send a parcel
Collect a Parcel

Consignees can pick up delivered parcels at their pre-selected Ninja Point.

Ninja Returns
Process Returns

Consignees create return orders and drop off a return parcel with help from our staff.

Join our growing network of accredited Ninja Van PUDO Points

To provide shippers with greater convenience, we continuously increase our network of hubs and stations to better facilitate pickups, drop-offs, and other important functions. If you own a storefront and are interested in creating a side hustle, sign up to become a partner today!