Ninja Fulfillment Case Study: FMCG TikTok Brand

How Ninja Fulfillment Helped an FMCG TikTok Brand Increase Profitability

By providing fast order processing and fulfillment, plus a 100% courier handover rate,  a popular TikTok brand selling fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) continuously experiences increased sales and repeat business from its customers.

About the Client

The client is a popular online store for  fast-moving consumer goods, including Asian non-frozen and frozen food such as snacks, condiments, food ingredients, and drinks. The company has physical stores in multiple locations in Metro Manila, but a big chunk of its sales come from TikTok Shop.

The client conducts regular TikTok live events that boost its sales even more.


  1. Through Ninja Fulfillment, the client was able to increase its inventory while managing and saving on overhead costs. Ninja Van also fulfills 40K volume of orders for the client per month, processing over 1,000 orders per day.
  2. Our fulfillment and warehousing solution allowed them to accept and fulfill more orders, resulting in increased profitability, more repeat business, and strongly positioned the brand for faster business expansion.
  3. Our efficient  inventory management system eliminates overstocking and understocking. It’s easy to identify fast and slow moving products, as the client can get real-time reports on the status of their inventory. 
  4. Our speedy fulfillment helps the client avoid TikTok fulfillment violations and maintain a good health score on the platform, allowing them to focus more on increasing sales and growing the business.