Ninja Fulfillment Case Study: UNA BRANDS

Ninja Fulfillment Helps UNA BRANDS Expand Operations in PH and SEA

With Ninja Fufillment’s turnkey  warehousing and logistics solution, Una Brands, a global e-commerce platform with presence in the Asia-Pacific and North America, was able to seamlessly carry out expansion in the Philippines.

About the Client

Una Brands is a Singapore-based e-commerce platform that specializes in acquiring and growing existing consumer brands. It acts as a growth partner for the brands they acquire. By providing them with ecommerce and logistics muscle, they help the brands reach a wider audience, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately scale their business.

The company is aggressively expanding to new markets, including the Philippines.


  1. Through Ninja Fulfillment, the client was able to easily start its expansion to the Philippines minus the high operational costs — they didn’t need to own a warehouse or hire their own team.
  2. Our warehousing service gives them safe storage for their products. While our system provides real-time reports and insights on the status of their inventory. 
  3. Our order fulfillment service streamlined their processes and made their operations simpler as they don't need their team to be physically on the ground. 
  4. The client is able to tap into a huge potential market with Ninja Van’s nationwide coverage and fast shipping, achieving a 100% handover rate based on SLA.
  5. Our team’s local experience and expertise deals with all of their logistics needs, allowing them to channel their time and resources on marketing and scaling up their expansion in the country.