Ninja Buddies

Earn attractive incentives in the form of bill rebates through the referral program

The best referral program for shippers

Become a Buddy and earn attractive incentives when you refer your friends to ship with Ninja Van! There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer. Be rewarded with attractive bill rebates, redeemable on your next shipment. Referees should be new to Ninja Van and have not used our services before.

Ninja Buddies
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Good things should be shared. Refer your best buds to ship with Ninja Van so they’ll enjoy a wide array of services, benefits, and rewards!

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Quick and easy sign up. Your friend can enjoy convenience with Ninja Van's wide array of services, benefits and rewards.

Bill rebates
Attractive Incentives Earned

Earn up to Php 30K in rebates and more rewards when your referred friend completes the minimum required shipment volume by the end of 2 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can be considered as a Friend? 

Any shipper who has not shipped with Ninja Van in the past 12 months & is not part of the Ninja Rewards Loyalty Program.

How many friends can I refer?

There is no limit to this, the more the merrier! The more friends invited, the more incentives earned.

How would I know how much my Friends have shipped? 

You will receive monthly email notifications on the volume range that your Friends have qualified for.

Can I stack credit rebates from referring multiple Friends?

Yes, your credit rebates are stackable, they will be issued as credit notes with 3 months validity to be applied on invoices issued by Ninja Van. Any unused rebates after will be forfeited.

When will I receive my credit rebates?

You will receive credit rebates 3 months after your Friend has started shipping with Ninja Van. 

What if my friend wants to be a Buddy?

Contact should you be keen to refer your own Friend and be our Ninja Buddy

How can my Friend be entitled to Ninja Rewards Program?

Once your Friend has completed their first 2 months with us, we will evaluate if they are eligible for Ninja Rewards. If requirements are met, your Friend’s 2 months’ shipment volume will determine their status in Ninja Rewards.