Shape the future of Ninja Van

At Ninja Van, we constantly innovate and build things to make life easier for our customers. By joining the Ninja Research Panel, you can influence what we build and be the first to try out new solutions to help you and your e-commerce journey.

01 - Report for duty

By registering your details with us we can contact you for relevant research projects.

Register your details with us and we’ll use this information to find suitable research studies for you to participate in.

02 - Joining a research session

When there's an opening, you will be invited to take part in activities, ranging from short surveys to testing of new product features.

03 - Get your reward

To show our appreciation and as a thank you for spending your valuable time with us, we will be sending you a gift - such as gift cards or vouchers.

Research FAQs

What is this - the Ninja Van User Research?

We believe in order to provide a great service we need to really understand the people we're serving. We do this by conducting research in an engaging way, where people get to share their opinions and experience freely. And now you get to join in on the fun as well!

How do I register?

It just takes a few minutes to get yourselves signed up!
Fill in your details in our online form. Help us get to know you better and know what type of research to best involve you in. After this you can just relax and we'll contact you when we have an upcoming research study.

What exactly do I need to do then?

Sit back and relax! Our team will contact you whenever there are any hot emerging research topics! After you have been selected, you will be briefed and invited to take part in activities such as simple survey, engaging interviews or even testing of a new product!. Finally, get yourselves rewarded!

How do I benefit from joining this panel?

Every single sharing by you is important to us to serve you better!

Your time and contribution is definitely invaluable to us! By taking part in our studies, to show our appreciation for your contribution, you will have a chance to be rewarded with incentives such as gift cards, vouchers, etc.

Do I need to be a Ninja Van's customer to fill in the registration form?

No, we welcome you all. You don't need to be currently a Ninja Van's customer.

Is my personal information safe?

Your information and responses later (if any) will be kept confidential and used for research purposes (e.g., to match you with suitable studies, to follow up with the incentives). We do not sell your information to another external third party.

You may reach out to us at if you have further questions or concerns.

Our UX Researchers will follow up with you.