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Ship To Southeast Asia With Ninja Van

Ship To Southeast Asia With Ninja Van

Leverage on our extensive Southeast Asian coverage to ship parcels from the Philippines to your overseas customers or to replenish your inventory. Sign up now to enjoy exclusive discount!

International Cross-Border Shipping With Ninja Van

We go the extra mile to ensure smooth international deliveries for every shipper. With a trusted logistic partner like Ninja Van, you don’t have to worry about your international shipment departing from the Philippines. Let us settle your logistics while you bring your business to greater heights.

Shipping solutions for every shipper
1. Customised Logistics Solutions

We offer a suite of intra-SEA cross-border services and are flexible in catering to the unique needs of your business. We understand that cross-border logistics across Southeast Asia might be confusing and new to you, but we are here to help! We would love to find out your requirements in shipping parcels out of the Philippines, and are happy to partner with you to serve the needs of your business.

Shipper support
2. Dedicated Account Management

Cross-border services can be complicated and hence, we believe in supporting you every step of the way. At Ninja Van, we have dedicated local account managers in the Philippines who can help answer your doubts and keep your worries at bay. We are committed to delivering your parcels to the customers’ hands safe and sound, and to enabling a pleasant shipping experience.

cross border tracking
3. Tech-Enabled Cross-Border Services

We can integrate with your system and send timely status updates of your parcels through API. The process is real-time and seamless. You do not have to wait for manual updates or do any guessing work. We also have automated notifications for your customers during last mile delivery, keeping them updated via their preferred channel.

value added services for shippers
4. Value-Added Services For Shipping

Services such as returns are becoming increasingly important for retailers, and we can support customer return services in many of our coverage countries. Speak to us today to find out more and discover the best solution for your business needs! Other value-added services include quality-checks and consolidation.

Strong local operations
5. Experience In Local Landscape

With our strong regional presence and good track record across Southeast Asia, shippers get a peace of mind even when parcels from the Philippines reach foreign territory. We take care of it with our professional local operations teams and robust operations process, while ensuring prompt delivery of your shipment.

cash on delivery for international shipment
6. Cash-On-Delivery Everywhere

As customers in many Southeast Asian countries are still dependent on cash payment, our wide coverage of cash-on-delivery service meets the need of many shippers and customers alike. We also offer flexible remittance cycles based on your business needs. Speak to us to find out how to unlock cash payment options for your customers outside of the Philippines.

Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of options to address every shipper’s needs. Whether you are shipping B2C or B2B from the Philippines, we have the full suite of services for you.

B2C Shipping

Shipping Parcels To Customers
Ecommerce parcel

Door-to-door delivery service

  • Parcel-level handling. We process every parcel in our warehouse.
  • B2C customs declaration.
  • Consolidation and drop-offs available at our warehouse.

B2B Shipping

Bulk Shipping For Businesses
Bulk shipment

Inventory restocking/store deliveries

  • Pallet/bag/box-level handling. We process shipments at bulk-level.
  • B2B customs declaration.
  • Consolidation and drop-offs available at our warehouse.

Start Shipping With Ninja Van

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