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The logistics and supply chain field has been undergoing constant growth and change. In addition to the explosive rise of e-commerce that ushered in a new wave of express courier and parcel delivery services, technological improvements like warehouse automation and the creation of route-planning software soon followed. 

Ninja Van provides more than just parcel delivery services. With years of experience, we have enabled businesses to future-proof their logistics and supply chain system for growth and efficiency.

Factors to consider

For enterprises, there are several factors to consider before deciding whether to develop in-house support or outsource it. In logistics, large setup and operational costs are involved. Not only will an extensive logistics network need to be built, but it will also require a sizeable fleet of various types of transportation and a larger workforce to function.

Setup Costs

Operational Costs

Manpower Costs

Business Fit

Culture Fit

Integrate our services

At Ninja Van, we have the added advantage of years of experience in the logistics sector. In addition to our established supply chain network, we have created a large fleet of drivers and couriers responsible for all deliveries. It allows us to keep our running costs much lower than a corporation’s dedicated in-house logistics department would while providing a full-suite of logistics services to our customers.

No Setup Costs

No Manpower Costs

Fixed Operating Costs

Industry Experience

Existing Systems & Networks

Get full-suite logistics solutions

Consult our logistics and supply chain specialists to get a customised solution for your business needs. Reduce overheads and manpower costs when you work with Ninja Van today.

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