Logistics Solutions for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

From first mile to last mile

For any business, logistics can present many challenges. Whether to continue taking on operations in-house or begin to outsource your logistics processes ultimately depends on the cost-effectiveness of the options.

This is why we aim to provide the best balance of cost and efficiency. Through careful curation, we have identified the major pain points for any growing business and tailored our offerings accordingly.

The logistics journey

From the first mile to the last mile, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Our services

It’s not by luck that we are one of SEA’s fastest growing SMEs ourselves. Having grown from a humble start-up to a multi-million unicorn corporation, we have also undergone the many challenges that SMEs have faced while expanding their business. Thus, our solutions are targeted at maximising efficiency while keeping costs as low as possible at every part of the delivery process.


Getting a good deal on product supplies can directly influence your profit margin and the growth of your business; that is why it is essential to get professional assistance.

From finding a reliable supplier to negotiating the best product deals, our  procurement specialists will help you identify, source and mediate with suppliers in China and SEA.

Fulfilment & Warehousing

In-house fulfilment is expensive, time-consuming and can be inefficient if not set up by someone who is experienced in the field.

There are a variety of costs to consider when building an in-house fulfilment and warehousing department, foremost of all rental costs and manpower costs.

With Ninja Fulfilment, you’ll be able to lower overheads and save time.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a highly specialised and in-demand service for those who are bulk shipping internationally.

All our shipments go through a well-oiled supply chain network with multiple decentralised fulfilment centres. This allows us to ship quickly and smoothly, bypassing the hassle of customs clearance and other issues.

International Shipping

For smaller deliveries overseas, international shipping services are readily available. Apart from boasting 100% coverage in all six countries we are in, a slew of services like parcel pickups, import and export clearance, freight solutions, and last mile doorstep delivery are at your disposal.

Last Mile Delivery

As one of the most important parts of any parcel delivery journey, the last mile is one of our core services. 

In addition to hassle-free last mile delivery, we also provide supplementary services like Cash on Delivery (COD) collection, parcel pickup, next-day or same-day delivery and other additional services to cater to your various needs.

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