Logistics Solutions for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

Providing fast and reliable parcel delivery for SMEs — anytime, anywhere!

From first mile to last mile

Finding the right logistics partner is crucial for businesses, whether SMEs or enterprise level. That's why Ninja Van offers reliable courier service and 3PL for small businesses to help move their products fast and hassle-free.

Ninja Van's delivery services for SMEs provide a balance of cost and efficiency. We've identified the major pain points for any growing business and tailored our services accordingly.

The logistics journey

We’re here to assist you every step of the way — from procurement to last mile.

SME Journey

Are you a...?

Social Seller

Online Store

Selling online on an e-commerce or social media platform? Find out more about our list of curated services for e-commerce and social sellers like Ninja Packs and Ninja Dash!



Looking for a customized enterprise solution for your corporate business? Learn more about what we can do to enhance your supply chain journey, and help you and your company grow.