Claims, refunds and returns

Claims and Refunds

For Marketplace shippers (Lazada/TikTok)

If you are a marketplace shipper, please contact the respective marketplace for claims.

For Non-marketplace shippers

To report damaged or lost parcel, please follow these steps:

  • Refund requests must be made within 7 business days from the date the parcel status changed to:
    • ‘Received’ (for damaged parcels) or
    • ‘Cancelled’ (due to lost parcel)
  • Please click on ‘send inquiry’ below fill in this form and attach the following details:
    • Proof of purchase/parcel delivery transactions
    • Receipt Number/Tracking ID
    • Order Number (if applicable, for marketplace or e-commerce purchases)
    • Refund form (obtained from marketplace, e-commerce, cooperated shipper or partner)
    • Details of the problem experienced
    • A video demonstrating the parcel unboxing process, which must be recorded in one take and without any editing

Claim Notification from Ninja Van

In the event your parcel is declared lost or damaged during the delivery process we will notify you via email. Please respond by filling out the attached claim form within 30 calendar days.

Claim Approval and Refunds

After filling out the claim form, you will receive an email notifying you of the claim’s approval status. If the claim is approved, the refunded amount will be offset from any outstanding delivery fees owed by the shipper.

Ineligible claims

Please be aware that certain situations do not qualify for a claim in case of a damaged or lost parcel:

  • Orders that have been confirmed and refunded
  • Return orders accepted (status reflects ‘Return to Sender’ with a return receipt from Ninja Van)
  • Items that do not qualify for a claim (but are not limited to):
      • Credit card or ATM card
      • Human or animal remains
      • Religious art
      • Combustibles, firearms or swords
      • Living things
      • Perishables such as vegetables, fruits, food, etc
      • Toxic substances
      • Non-reproducible test certificates, passports and insurance documents
      • Written drafts, original films, tapes, artwork and film material that cannot be reproduced
      • Tobacco, cigars or other volatile items such as fireworks, kerosene, gas cylinders or paint thinner
      • Cash, checks, bills, stocks and other securities
      • Precious metals (eg. gold, silver, platinum), gemstones and other similar items
      • Drugs, Narcotics including marijuana/cannabis
      • Cultural materials that are perishable
      • Other products prohibited by Philippine law


For parcels declared damaged or lost, the following claims policies apply. Please note that these guidelines are general information and may vary according to the terms of conditions between the Shipper and Ninja Van.

  • Should a parcel be lost or damaged after being received by Ninja Van and prior to delivery to the recipient, Ninja Van shall be liable for the value of the parcel, or for Php 2,500 (enhanced insurance) / Php 2,000 (Ninja Packs only), whichever is lower, provided that the parcel has been packaged in accordance with our packaging guidelines.
  • If your parcel has minor damage, Ninja Van will offer a partial refund based on our Partial Refund Process. You can find details in the process document or notifications sent to you. For lost or seriously damaged parcels, you must file a claim within the period given in the contract.

Return to Sender (RTS)

To request for RTS, use the desktop version of the Ninja Dashboard via this link.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently unavailable on the mobile app. Please use the alternative channels provided below.

Depending on the circumstances, the shipper may or may not be charged for the RTS delivery; please enquire with us via the alternative channels provided below.

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