Cash on Delivery (COD) Service

Cash on delivery (COD) is a convenient service offered by Ninja Van, where we collect  payment from the customer on behalf of the shipper upon delivery. Please note the following:

  • COD handling fee is 2.75% for Ninja Pro account. COD handling fee is directly deducted from the COD Remittance to the shipper. Collected COD amounts are automatically remitted by Finance Team based on the agreed COD Payout Schedule.
  • All Ninja Van Shippers in the Philippines have the option to collect Cash on Delivery for all deliveries within our coverage area. To do so, simply indicate a COD value (in Philippine Pesos) when you create the order on our Ninja Dashboard. 
        • If using the manual upload order creation method, indicate the value under the COD field

        • If using the CSV Upload method, indicate a value under the "COD" column. 

  • The value you indicate will be the amount that we collect from your customer upon successful delivery of the parcel. This value will also be indicated in the waybill generated for your order.

For Ninja Dashboard users

Manage your COD transactions:

1. Log in to the Ninja Dashboard

2. Refer to the COD menu to check the amount of COD in a week

3. View the COD status through options like ‘Collected from Customer ’, ‘Yet to Collect’, and ‘Failed to Collect’

4. Please note that COD funds that have been successfully collected will be transferred to your registered bank account based on the agreed COD Payout Schedule.

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