Creating an order

When do we deliver?

We offer deliveries from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays and Sundays, between 9AM and 10PM.

What is our pickup schedule?

For existing reservations: You are able to add new orders to the pickup before the driver arrives at the pickup location. Kindly ensure that the orders and Tracking IDs have been validated to ensure our driver is able to scan and pick up the orders.

For a new reservation: Kindly select the latest time slot of 6 PM to 10 PM. We will be able to pick up your items if you are able to schedule the reservation before 4PM (Lazada parcels) / 6PM (Regular parcels). Otherwise, pickup reservation will be for the next working day.

What information is required for sending parcels via Ninja Van?

To send parcels via Ninja Van, we’ll need your customer’s essential details, including their name, contact number, email address (optional), shipping address, and any specific shipping instructions. Additionally, please specify the parcel’s weight, size/dimensions, parcel value (if you are responsible for the parcel), and the parcel contents (optional).

Maximum Parcel Size and Dimensions

Refer to the following dimensions as a guide to our maximum allowed weight and dimensions.

Lazada Parcels

  • Metro Manila/Provincial = 50kg; 150cm


  • Metro Manila/Provincial = 50kg; 150cm

There are two ways to send your parcel:

  1. Visit a Ninja Point. Click here to locate a Ninja Point near you and drop off your parcel conveniently.
  2. Pickup Service. Door-to-door pickup is available for registered shippers, sign up here. For existing shippers, log in to the Ninja Dashboard and select ‘New Pickup’ in the menu to schedule pickups in advance. Provide the date, time, and pickup instructions. Finally, choose the most suitable vehicle for your parcels.
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