Ninja Packs

Prepaid delivery mailers for shipping within Singapore

Why choose Ninja Packs?

Affordable prepaid delivery mailers that provide a hassle-free solution to both packaging and delivery.
No weight limit

Enjoy flat-rate parcel delivery regardless of weight! We’ll ship your order as long as it fits in the Ninja Pack. Refer to packaging guidelines

Free delivery re-attempts

Ninja Van provides up to two free delivery re-attempts. If the recipient is home, we will ensure that the Ninja Pack is delivered safely. 

Seamless real-time tracking

All Ninja Packs come with pre-generated tracking IDs to give you better visibility of their delivery journey. Enter your unique tracking ID on the tracking page to find out where your parcel is in real-time.

Types of Ninja Packs

Three types of Packs (regular, padded and eco) that come in different sizes to suit your varying needs. All Packs are prepaid and all-you-can-fit, meaning there is no extra charge for heavier parcels! Regular Packs are available for products that don't require extra padding, Padded Ninja Packs are perfect for fragile items that require extra care while our Eco Ninja Packs help you reduce packaging waste and are environmentally friendly!

Regular PacksPadded Ninja PacksEco Ninja Packs

Delivery AreaAnywhere in SingaporeAnywhere in SingaporeAnywhere in Singapore
Delivery SpeedStandard (1-3 days)Standard (1-3 days)Standard (1-3 days)

XS (230mm x 170mm)

S (350mm x 250mm)

M (470mm x 330mm)

XS (230mm x 170mm)

S (350mm x 250mm)

M (470mm x 330mm)

XS (230mm x 170mm)

M (470mm x 330mm)

Weight LimitAll-you-can-fitAll-you-can-fitAll-you-can-fit
Price per packFrom SGD3.20From SGD3.60From SGD3.40

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are our most common questions on Ninja Packs! You can also check out our packing guidelines and prohibited items list for more information. For other enquiries, requests or feedback, please visit the Contact Us page.

Buy Ninja Packs

Where can I buy Ninja Packs?

  1. Online - Our Ninja Packs are available for purchase here. You’ll be able to select between XS, S and M sized bundles of 5 or 20.
  2. At official retailers - Ninja Packs (S and M sized only) are available individually at any of our islandwide official retailers.

I would like to buy Ninja Packs online. How much do I have to pay for it to be delivered to my doorstep?

For orders below $50: $1.90

For orders $50 and above: Free

I bought Ninja Packs online, how long do I have to wait to receive them?

For all online Packs purchases, our fulfilment will prepare them within one working day upon receipt of payment (except for Cash on Delivery orders) and deliver to you within the next three working days. Please use the tracking link provided in your confirmation email to check the status of your delivery.

Use Ninja Packs

I’m new to Ninja Packs! How do I get started?

Thank you for giving us a try! You can visit our tutorial page for a step-by-step guide on how to get started. You’ll be set in just a few minutes!

Do I need to write anything on the Ninja Pack?

No, there’s no need to write anything at all! (Although, you may if you wish to)

Our ninjas will only use the information that you’ve keyed into Ninja Dash during the order creation process. Should the delivery be unsuccessful after three attempts, we will also use only the return address that was provided in the dashboard.

Can my recipient see my return address?

Not unless you’ve written it on the parcel! As stated, it’s up to you if you wish to write it on the pack, however we will only use the return address provided during the order creation process in Ninja Dash.

Ninja Van treats all personal information seriously and details like return addresses are accessible only to shippers and us.

Do I need to purchase stamps or anything else for Ninja Packs?

Not at all! Ninja Packs are not just poly mailers, they come prepaid for delivery. This means that a delivery service fee has already been included in the price so there’s no extra cost!

In addition, our Packs have a no weight limit policy, which means there’s no additional cost for weight either.

Can I send goods outside of Singapore with Ninja Packs?

No, unfortunately Ninja Packs are exclusively for domestic deliveries in Singapore. Do note that there are also a few restricted areas to which we cannot deliver (please check the “Restricted Zones” section here).

You can check out our international delivery service here instead or get in touch with our sales team at

Are there goods that cannot be delivered with Ninja Packs?

Yes, please check our ‘prohibited items’ section for more details.

Can I send fragile goods with Ninja Packs?

Yes, however we strongly recommend that you check out our packaging guidelines for packing of fragile goods to ensure that your products arrive in good condition. Do consider overpacking your fragile goods individually in bubble wrap as well as a carton box (which you can fit into a Ninja Pack). 

As our sorting process is partially automated, we cannot fully ensure that your products will not be damaged.

Do I need to print out an air way bill to use my Ninja Pack?

No, Ninja Packs do not require an air way bill. We will only use the QR code on the Pack to access the details required for sorting and delivery.

Do Ninja Packs have an expiry date?

Yes, Ninja Packs do expire! The expiry date is indicated right next to the tracking QR Code. The usage period is typically around 12 months from the date of purchase.