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Import your goods from China and SEA with our end-to-end sourcing and procurement services

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Our Services

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Sourcing & Procurement

Get connected to suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in China for electronics, fashion, home, lifestyle and more!

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Cross-border Delivery

Get your orders quickly and at an affordable rate with our experienced in-house international delivery team.

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Trade Financing

Need more sustainable cash flow? Leverage our flexible payment options with no hidden fees and no collateral!

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Sourcing & Procurement

As a leading 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provider in SEA with 100% coverage, Ninja Van saves you time and money with our first mile pick-up and warehouse delivery service. You can also be assured when you leave negotiations to our team of procurement specialists.
an image of a stack of boxes with a magnifying glass in front of them symbolizing Ninja Van find-for-you service which will help procure items from China for you

Finding a good supplier is essential for any e-commerce business. With most products now coming from China, having an excellent network and fluent negotiation skills is of utmost importance for a successful deal. Find-for-you takes care of everything from:

  • Sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics/importation
  • Pickup and delivery to your warehouse
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If you have selected a supplier but need additional assistance with pricing, MOQ negotiation, product confirmation, and supplier vetting. Buy-for-you covers:

  • Purchasing
  • Logistics/importation
  • Pickup and delivery to your warehouse

We also offer payment assistance should it be required.

Cross-border shipping services

Cross-border / international delivery services are essential to the end-to-end procurement process. After you source and purchase products from the supplier, we will arrange for freight transport to your selected destination - utilise our local warehouses if you don't have a storage facility.

Flexible freight services at affordable prices are readily available, so you can receive products from suppliers without crossing multiple borders. The Ninja Van cross-border service team will manage customs clearance, currency exchange, and tax documentation from its country of origin to its final destination on your behalf.

Trade financing services

Ninja Direct prides itself on being a hassle-free procurement partner. By supporting your business in creating a sustainable cash flow, expanding your inventory, and making multiple payment options available, we help to build and maintain your business. Many suppliers require 100% upfront payment for the production of goods, but some businesses don't possess such a high level of liquidity. That’s why, you can choose to pay the deposit only when you order from us. Our fast and hassle-free application process for flexible payment options has no hidden fees, and doesn't require collateral. Pay only what you are quoted!
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Pay before delivery (P4D)

We provide the option to pay for a portion of the payment while we help to pay for the outstanding first. P4D gives you more time to prepare funds while having the freedom to manage your cash flow more sustainably.

*The repayment window refers to the travelling time from our warehouse to the destination country.

an image of Ryo pushing a trolley with stack of boxes for Paylater clients for procurement service

Apart from the P4D scheme, we also offer the PayLater plan. This plan allows you to put in a 30% deposit upon order placement and pay the remainder after an agreed period of 45, 60 or 90 days, allowing you to sustain a healthier cash flow.

Other services

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Fulfilment and warehousing

Secure efficient order processing with strategically located warehouses, complete with robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) for real-time inventory visibility, and value-added services.

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Last Mile Delivery

Guarantee hassle-free logistics through Ninja Van’s flexible delivery options with route optimization for faster and smoother deliveries; complete with real-time shipment tracking via API. Transparent and timely delivery all time.

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