My parcel is damaged / lost.

If the contents of the parcel are damaged, but the packaging is not damaged, please approach the shipper for further assistance.

If your parcel packaging is damaged, please prepare the following information below before reaching out to Ninja Van Customer Service by clicking on ‘Submit enquiry’ below:

  • Photographic evidence of the actual damaged item/packaging (the use of old pictures as reference is strictly prohibited)
  • Photographic evidence of all the packaging materials used (e.g. bubble wrap, inner box)
  • Photographic evidence of the parcels with AWB on
  • Description of how the item was packed (e.g. individually wrapped with 3 layers bubble wrap)

If the parcel is declared as lost, please reach out to your shipper or the e-commerce platform’s customer service for further information.

For damaged or lost parcels, a refund may be processed through the sender or the e-commerce platform where you placed your order.

If you have any queries related to lost and/or damaged parcels, please contact Ninja Van Customer Service through any of the channels provided below.

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